Moving Outside of London for Properties with More Land

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If living in the capital isn’t meeting your ambitions for the right type of property you might find your ideal home in one of the surrounding areas. For people who would love the idea of having a larger house with a few acres of land, there are plenty of suitable locations in the adjoining counties. And because the market for smallholdings and farms is quite niche, you’ll be able to set up viewings without many issues. It’s time to get on the internet and start looking for your dream property with land near London.

Ward Thomas works with hundreds of customers who move out of London to find a larger house. Although you may love living in the city, there aren’t many areas with enough space for a decent home with land. Fear not – with excellent transport links into the capital; you can enjoy the best of both worlds. And when it comes time to book your relocation, there’s only one company to contact – Ward Thomas.

Smallholdings and Land for Sale Near London –

London is an excellent place to live, but it’s rare to find a property with available land that isn’t for development purposes. While there are some on the market, it’s worth casting your net wider to give yourself more options.

If you still have business interests, family or friends in the capital, it’s likely you will want to have easy access via transport links. That way, you can have the best of both situations – a beautiful property with land and London just a short journey away.

You’ll need to work out exactly what type of property you’re in the market for. If you want the opulence of a mansion, it’s possible to find ones with significant grounds within ten miles of the city centre or further towards the outskirts of Greater London.

If you’re going for the countryside feel, a smallholding or farm would be more suitable. You can even buy farmland to build your own house from scratch. The last option will be development opportunity land if you’re looking for business purposes.

Choosing the Right Removals Service for your Relocation –

At Ward Thomas, we offer a range of core and specialist removals and storage packages to ensure we can provide the right service for each customer. From your first call to us, we can make a thorough assessment of your needs. Then, we will go over the details with you, which is done to make sure we understand your exact requirements.

Ward Thomas’s core removal services include our Small Moves and Large Moves packages. Small Moves is our premium version of a man with a van service in London. This is a service that people who are moving within London tend to choose as it’s easier to load furniture and avoid traffic.

Our Large Moves vehicles can hold more volume of items, which is necessary for bulky furniture. This means we can move everything in one journey and is more suitable for distances over twenty miles, as well as for national relocations.

We have a range of specialist removals packages, such as our Piano Removals, Fragile Removals, and Antiques & Fine Art Removals. The Ward Thomas team has a track record of relocating valuable works of art and irreplaceable items of furniture.

Ward Thomas also works with hundreds of storage customers every month in London. This is ideal for anyone who finds themselves between properties because of a moving delay. There are two basic types of units: container storage and self storage, so we’re confident we have the right level of storage for your needs.

Ward Thomas – London’s Prestige Removals and Storage Provider –

Ward Thomas relocates hundreds of people every month to the furthest edges of London and the surrounding areas. Many relocate to enjoy fresher air, more green spaces and a better quality of life. Additionally, it’s possible to get larger properties that also have a few acres of land.

Most of the clients we relocate still need to have good transport links into the capital, which is something you’ll need to consider when arranging viewings. This is where counties like Surrey and Kent are useful, due to their proximity to London.

Ultimately, Ward Thomas is the only company that can transport valuable items without damage or breakages. Our customers depend on our removals services because we are able to provide a higher standard of work. We only employ removals experts who have decades of experience in packing.

When you find that perfect property with plenty of land, contact us to book your relocation. We have the right removals service to help you move into your new dream home.