Moving from London to the Country Part II

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In our first blog about Moving to the country, we gave some examples of how different life in the countryside can be. The change in scenery isn’t the only thing to consider, although the fresh air and green spaces are a big reason for relocating. Moving to the countryside is a chance of lifestyle and a new chapter in your life.

At Ward Thomas, we move hundreds of people in and out of London every year. We make a point of discussing the reasons behind each customer’s move and to get feedback from them. From experience, we know that this can help people who are planning to relocate by sharing information. That’s why we’ve put together another blog to help you move from London to the countryside.

Tips on Moving from London to the Country –

Make an ‘ideal home’ list – this is probably the most important part of the process. Your move to the country is a big shift in lifestyle and culture, so it’s vital that you find the perfect home. This list can be split into two parts – one being less formal and more about the type of home you’d love to live in. The second part can be more objective, with things like – how many rooms, bathrooms, budget, garden size, number of garages, and so on. This ‘ideal list’ will be the platform for every that will follow. It’s worth putting together some basic figures so that you have a general idea of what your budget is.

Get an estate agent on board early – the earlier, the better. An agent estate will be able to work with your ‘ideal home’ list to start putting together suitable properties to arrange viewings. They’ll also have a lot of working knowledge of the area or areas that you like, as well as being able to discuss more personal aspects. You can try to do the work of the agent yourself, but it’s a time-consuming task that will require you to visit the area on numerous occasions. 

Do as much online research as possible – no matter how remote a village or town may seem, there will be information online for you. Even the quaintest, off-the-grid locations can be found on Google. You can find out about what sort of amenities and local attractions are there. How many schools and GPs, as well as what transport links are available, and what the population is. You can never do too much research, and doing some online searches might help you sift out places that don’t fit your needs.

Visit the areas you like at least twice – the is no experience that beats first-hand experience. You need to visit the places you like because you need to make sure it suits your lifestyle. It needs to have the things that you need for things like schools, healthcare, jobs and possibly transport links if you need to travel for work. In addition, you also need to make sure that the village or town you’re moving to matches your tastes. If you like going to the cinema or theatre, but you must travel over an hour to get to the nearest one, then you might regret your move after a few months.

Things to Consider When Arranging Viewings –

There are a few other things you’ll need to consider when you arrange viewings. A lot of houses in the country are old and may be listed. While listed buildings can be purchased, they often have restrictions on things like development and repairs. If you’re looking to buy a property that needs work, or you’d like to add an extension to in the future, make sure it’s possible to do this.

Another vital aspect of viewing any property is inspections. You need to be 100% sure that there are no underlying issues with the structure or subsidence. If you’re unsure about this, request a list of the inspections and their results before making an offer. It might be a good idea if you arrange your own if you have any reservations.

If you have any concerns about the price of a property, get online and check out similar sales and valuation prices for the local area. This is also where you can task your estate agent. Get them to compile similar houses in the area or country so that you can make a comparison. If the price is much higher, you can always try to negotiate. If it’s much lower, then you’ll also need to know why. The seller might need a quick sale, but there might even be some issues with the property.

Ward Thomas – We’re Experts in Relocating People to the Countryside –

Ward Thomas move hundreds of people every year, with many of these relocations are to various places in the country. We’re London’s favourite removals and storage provider because of our expertise and dedication to the highest level of customer service     .

The Ward Thomas team are time-served professionals, and they take a great sense of pride in their work. They have the best tools and equipment needed to undertake any removals job. We can move large objects from tall buildings; additionally, we can move delicate porcelain vases and antique furniture, ensuring that everything arrives in perfect condition. We understand that specific items need individual protective wrapping to ensure that the packaging doesn’t cause damage.

At Ward Thomas, our number one priority is the help you move with as little stress as possible. We will discuss your move in detail well in advance of your moving date. Moreover, we’ll relocate you in the most efficient way possible, and all your possessions will arrive in perfect condition.

Contact us today to discuss your big move to the countryside.