How to Cope With Moving House At Christmas

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Moving House, News | 0 comments

Perhaps it isn’t the time of year most people would willingly choose for moving house, but sometimes it’s just how the chips fall. As much as you might have preferred to move in a less chaotic part of the calendar, various circumstances can conspire to force you to do it in the midst of the annual festivities. With help and the right degree of foresight and planning, it needn’t be any more gruelling than a summer or spring move. In fact, with the right frame of mind, it could even be more fun and more cheerful than you’d dare anticipate. From our side of the experience, Christmas is a pretty busy time and there’s no shortage of clients who, for one reason or another, are relocating in the prime of December. Because we’ve seen it so many times, we’re aware of the heightened stress, impaired traffic and challenging weather that can beset a Christmas move and we know how to diminish the impact of all three. Here’s some guidance if you’re making a Christmas move. 

  1. Removal company – choose yours and book it well in advance. Not only is it a hectic time, the problem can be compounded by the fact that some companies will be operating with a skeleton staff rather than a full compliment of movers, drivers and packers. Some companies will raise their rates as the Christmas period draws near, so early booking is highly recommended.
  1. Boxes – movers are always advised to have an essentials box, containing the items they’ll need straight away. At this time of year, it’s worth having an extra one with your Christmas items enclosed – it can include everything from tree decorations to festive jumpers so that you don’t have to miss out on the magic and the celebrations just because you’re moving house.
  1. Mail – however you’re handling your post, whether organising a redirect through the post office or informing utility companies, service providers, friends and family well in advance of your new address, it’s important that you make sure you don’t miss out on mail because it will also mean missing out on Christmas cards.
  1. Christmas Day and Boxing Day – it’s worth going easy on yourself and not hosting if you’re moving house at Christmas. It’s one surefire way you can diminish unnecessary stress. Why not accept invitations from friends and family instead, provided they live fairly nearby, and go to them this year?
  1. Weather – while some Decembers are unexpectedly mild, others are cold and icy. Keep some salt and grit at hand, so that, should it be necessary, you are able to make the walk from removal van to front door safe for you and your movers.