Moving house and kickstarting positive change

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Despite the general rumour that moving house can be a calamitous affair, evidence suggests it is a window of opportunity for personal change. You probably know that the best way to change a bad habit is to replace it with a new good one.  Research suggests that deep-rooted habits that have become entrenched in the familiarity of your domicile can be abandoned in the first three months of moving house.  This window of opportunity arises because you have not yet set up your habit patterns in the new location.  As you discontinue your old sloppy habits and start afresh in your new home you will experience the benefit of the positive changes and hopefully, there will be no going back.  When you let go of bad habits you will have more energy to accomplish higher creative goals.  So be sure to get your goals in place before the move so you can activate this golden opportunity. 

Optimizing your habits at home 

So many of our habits are based on environmental cues.  Hidden in our lifestyle choices are our weakest links.  When we move to a new environment, we can design the space in accordance with our new intentions.  Without the usual familiar behavioral cues, there is more chance to divert energy into more positive channels.  However, as in the case of many ill-fated New Years’ Resolutions, sticking to the new beneficial habit takes perseverance. Studies suggest that it takes an average of 66 days for behaviour to change, so you have a two to three-month window of time to curate your new way of life in your new home.  Bad habits are usually a response to stress and boredom. Sometimes we lack the motivation to act, and instead, we give in to passive activity which wastes our time and resources.  Plus, it is in that grey zone where the bad habits tend to slide even further.  By realizing what our bad habits are and what triggers them it is possible to navigate a new path in your new home. 

Clean Slate when Moving House 

At Anthony Ward Thomas we encourage our customers all the way through the moving process.  Having short-term moving goals in the process and achieving them makes moving more of a breeze.  Having a moving strategy that considers all eventualities in advance, makes light work of the actual transition.  It’s important to have covered your insurance needs for the move and to have let all the relevant providers know in advance of your moving date.  We assist our customers to prepare in advance for the move with our simple and strategic moving lists.  Our expert team can easily navigate any issues which may arise on the ground with parking restrictions and traffic zones in advance.  This leaves you to focus on designing and implementing the way your life is going to flow in your new home.  Entering the front door of your new address with a clean slate and the fundamentals fully covered is going to make a huge difference. 

Life Transitions

When big changes happen, there is more scope for inner change.  This is because there is an openness to new information and ideas when the familiar structure undergoes a transformation.  However, it won’t be long until routine, structure, and familiarity kick in.  That’s why it is great to be able to focus your energy on making necessary changes in your own personal life when you move house.  If you are entangled in a never-ending unpacking process, waiting for delayed furniture deliveries, or are buried in essential last-minute admin, you may lose this opportunity for change. 

Habit Formation in the Home 

Psychologists agree that habitual responses are cued from a familiar setting or context.  For example, in the morning a lot of people enter the kitchen, and immediately the habit to drink coffee arises.  Sometimes we don’t even consider if we want coffee, we just go ahead with the activity.  Doing before thinking is the signature of a habit.  It can be the same with a mobile phone.  Immediately switching on to check messages before doing anything else can become a daily mode of starting the day. It is the environmental cues that trigger our habits.  That is why people report the ability to make great life changes when on holiday or travelling and having new experiences. However, this can work both ways, as good habits are often propelled by environmental cues in the home.  It can be difficult to keep up an exercise program when you are on the move for example.   So, you can set up a plan for your new home, whereby you remove the environmental cues for your bad habits and emphasize the cues for your good habits.   It is also easier for you to help children set up new ways of behaving, shaving down screen time, and changing eating habits within the new, fresh, and malleable context of your new home. 

Hiring a professional team 

When you hear stories of regrettable home moves, one of the mistakes people make is not getting the experts in to help.  Another is starting the packing process too late.  At Anthony Ward Thomas we know that moving can be a skillful and smooth operation, but we have been refining this art for 30 years.  Transition can be chaotic if you do not have good advance planning, and that chaos can seep into the setup process if things are left to the last minute.  We take into consideration the impact on all your family members and how it may be psychologically for you.  Then we design a bespoke moving plan to minimize disruption, based on the rhythm and flow of your family and work life.  Our packing supplies are extensive and complete and we can get them to you way in advance of the moving date.  There is a lot involved in a house move but leave that to us and we can take care of it. 

Anthony Ward Thomas Services 

With 30 years of experience in London, we have refined removals and storage into an art form.  In fact, we specialize in moving fine art and artifacts and are London’s most trusted company in this area. Our expert international team can help you move to London from abroad or in the other direction.  With four kinds of storage services on offer, we can help with domestic, and business needs in a range of ways.  Our removals team can handle large moves and small moves with our designated vehicles and different packages.  For office removals, we can safeguard your productivity with our efficient service whether you are downsizing or upsizing.  We are committed to making the moving process a positive one, as you can see from our live Google reviews.  If you are embarking on a new phase in life and are planning your next move, use this window of opportunity to make great changes in your life for the better.  Let us handle the logistics and guide you through the process so you have energy to capitalize on this transformational moment.  Get in touch today to discuss your move or generate a free quote here. We look forward to hearing from you.