Moving Home with Art and Antiques in London

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For some people moving home requires more planning. The central aspect that needs more attention is ensuring that any valuable and fragile items are safe when in transit. That means no breakages, and all the packing needs to be undertaken by professionals. And there is only one removals company in London that can do the job correctly.

Anthony Ward Thomas offers a range of specialist removals packages that guarantee to safeguard your possessions. This all requires the work of a team of experts with years of experience under their belts. It also takes meticulous planning and assessment to make sure everything goes to plan. That’s what makes us London’s best removals company.

Relocating with Art and Antiques in London –

One of the main reasons many of Anthony Ward Thomas’s customers choose to work with us is our ability to relocate valuable and potentially fragile items. And from an industry point of view, this is a rare statement to make. That’s because it takes years of experience, the right tools, expert team members and lots of planning to pull off.

Anthony Ward Thomas has a core range of services that cover the basics for removals and storage. Then, you’ll find our second tier of specialist services and unique packages that you won’t find anywhere else in London. And one of these is our Antique & Fine Art removal service. Our team are adept at using suitable packing materials for specific items. For instance, we know that certain types of packaging can damage paint which would be disastrous for fine art.

Additionally, we have a Fragile and Piano removal services that have similar levels of expertise in use. Items such as Ming vases or chandeliers can be easily broken during handling and in transit. This means that the positioning of an entire load of furniture must be correct during the packing process.

Our Piano Removal service is precisely what it sounds like, which sounds very simple. But if you ask someone who has a grand piano, they’ll attest to the difficulty when trying to move home with one. It requires a lot of planning and possibly hoists for people who live in tall buildings with multiple floors.

Other Premium Level Services Available –

Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of storage options to suit every situation. This includes our household container storage, personal self storage, business storage and an archive document storage service. No matter your storage needs, we have the right package and storage unit to match them precisely.

AWT Cleaning is our prestige cleaning service, and we cover the whole of London. Our dedicated professional cleaning service covers all domestic and commercial requirements. If you have a building site that requires clearance of post-construction cleaning, we can do it. If you’re preparing your home for a sales viewing, our cleaning specialists will deliver the highest standard of service.

Anthony Ward Thomas is a member company of the Master Removers Group. This elite collective of removals, storage and logistics companies combine to create a network of facilities and depots throughout the UK. This means we can relocate you to anywhere nationally with ease. And with our partner companies in Europe, we can offer you the same service for any overseas relocations.

Our Packing service is vital for anyone who wants to safeguard their belongings and save time. The Anthony Ward Thomas team will arrange the most suitable time to arrive before the relocation day. We will have all your items packed, complete with an inventory.

Storage Options for Collectors and Professionals –

Unless you own a suitably large garage or have a dedicated workplace, it’s unlikely you’ll have enough room for your art and antiques. This makes it challenging to guarantee their safekeeping as you pack everything in anticipation of your relocation. It’s also worth noting that our homes don’t have the right things in place to entirely keep the elements out, which is also true for theft via a break-in.

However, storage offers this and more, but it needs to be through a reputable provider with a proven track record. When it comes to fine art, sculptures, and antique furniture, only the highest standard of service delivery will do. Every item requires an expert performing handling and packing skills beyond the capabilities of most movers.

That’s why those in the know choose to work with Anthony Ward Thomas. We have top-tier storage packages available, specifically for delicate and valuable pieces. Furthermore, there are separate packages for short and long-term periods. You receive excellent security measures as standard, with CCTV monitoring coverage for the entire depot. There’s no safer and more secure way to protect your belongings than with us.

Collections from Art Galleries and Exhibitions –

When it comes to packing and handling art and antiques at a professional level, working with experts is necessary. That’s why galleries and curators choose Anthony Ward Thomas for transportation purposes. Unless you have a dedicated in-house person, make sure you sub-contract to a company with premium and specialist expertise.

We can help you plan and organise everything, which starts from the assessment process. Typically, there will be a preparation period before an exhibition begins. The nature of art events requires a lot of input from several parties, which takes a consummate level of organisation. You’ll have time to strategise on what pieces will need to move between locations. Then you can have us on stand-by in the instance of a sale.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team works with galleries and auction houses across London and the surrounding areas. It’s all down to previous successful experiences and peace of mind we will get it right. For us, it’s all about being thorough, assessing things in total, and applying a highly professional standard. And when it comes to art and antique pieces, you can’t allow for anything other than the best London has to offer.

Customer Service is Vital for Your Art and Antiques –

The thing with art and antiques – there’s usually one chance to get things right when moving them. You don’t get a trial run – it’s a one-time event, and there’s no room for mishaps or mistakes. The slightest misstep can cause a dent or scratch. And when you’re working with extremely valuable goods, this is not conceivable.

Before you book anything, check out any prospective company to see what their Google and Trustpilot ratings are. Additionally, read the reviews and any website testimonials from previous customers. You’ll then be able to understand how they operate and what service you can expect to receive. It should be no surprise that we’re a five-star removal and storage company, and you can see why by clicking here.

That’s why you need to go with customer service and avoid the low-hanging fruit of cheaper movers. It’s worth remembering that you protect things by investing in them properly when moving things around. By booking a company like Anthony Ward Thomas, you’ll get our vast experience and have direct contact at every stage of the process.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Prestige Removals Service –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we create removals and storage packages that add value to our range of services. We believe that offering various options only works when each service has a specific and unique function. That’s why Anthony Ward Thomas is known as the prestige removals and storage company. In addition to the core packages, we offer specialist services that no other company in London can.

For us, customer service is the foundation of Anthony Ward Thomas. Our company began with an ambition to provide a high standard of service that wasn’t available. That means having a dynamic range of services that our expert team deliver to perfection. We don’t believe in second-best or cutting corners. Every aspect of your relocation has in-depth planning and deadlines set to ensure we meet our own high standards.

Our team are all experts in their field and often have previous trade experience. We provide them with a fleet of removals vehicles and state of the art tools and equipment. There is no removals job we can’t take on, and we guarantee that your valuables will be safe from damage when in transit to your new location.

If you’re looking for a higher standard of service, click here, and we’ll put together a free quote. We have the right removals package to protect your art and antiques.