Moving To Europe – Questions To Ask Your Removals Company, Part I

by | Jan 21, 2017 | European Removals, News | 0 comments

Regardless (or, for some people, because of) Brexit, moving to Europe is a thrilling prospect pursued vigorously by many of us every year. A new life on the Continent is a challenging but wholly rewarding life-change, but before it gets under way, there’s the matter of packing up all your stuff and getting it over the sea in one piece. We’re an experienced European removals service but whether you’re moving with our help or with the assistance of one of our competitors, we’d urge you to ask the right questions so that you’re relocation job goes smoothly and seamlessly, with no nasty shocks at crucial junctures. Here are just a few of the enquiries we’d wholeheartedly encourage you to make once you’ve engaged a removals service and the ball is rolling.

“Are you familiar with the area I’m moving to?” You want to establish that your chosen company either has plenty of experience in the precise location to which you’re travelling. Be it France, Portugal, Germany or Austria, it’s good to know that they’ve been there and done that many times before. If not, the second best circumstance is that they have business partnerships with local companies and a good array of local contacts.

“Can I park my car in one of your containers?” If your vehicle is accompanying you to your new home, it might be handy to be able to move it as part of the service provided by your removals company rather than having to make separate arrangements for it. It could save both time and money to be able to do this.

“Does your insurance cover you for your work in Europe?” Goods-in-Transit insurance is vital, but for some companies, it only extends to the confines of the UK. Make sure you know in advance that you’re covered in Europe so that if anything happens, you are protected and remunerated.

“Are there times of year I should avoid for undertaking this move?” You can settle on a moving date without being aware that in your new town or city, there’s a huge festival occurring, with road-blockages and closures bringing proceedings to a complete halt. Getting through customs will also be a lengthier process on such occasions. If all it takes is moving one day earlier or later to have an easier experience, then it’s vital you know this well in advance.