Moving to Europe From London – Questions to Ask Your Removals Company, Part II

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In our first blog, we covered some essential things to do before you move to Europe. Now we want to add some important points to make sure you’re ready for your big move to Europe. Any relocation is daunting, and at Ward Thomas, our aim is to provide as much information as we can. There’s no such thing as too much planning – you’ll thank yourself (and us) later that you did.

Moving to Europe Check List –

One of the most common mistakes people make before they set off is a simple one to avoid. Make a list of your utility bills and contact each provider when you leave. You’ll also need to contact your local authority to see what you need to disclose to make sure you don’t get charged things like council tax after you’ve left. There might also be tax related things to consider, so contact the HMRC as well.

Do a thorough clear out and only pack up and take what you need. It’s better to travel as lightly as possible, and this is also a perfect opportunity to purge those unused possessions. You’ll have a brand-new home to decorate and buy new things for, so you’ll need as much room as possible.

Do as much research as possible. You’ll need to have an intimate understanding of your new town or city. Contact the local authorities to see what you need to do before you arrive. It’s an excellent idea to start learning the language in advance; it will help you adapt.

Visit Europe and Prepare for Your Big Move –

Although the internet has made doing research a lot easier and thorough, it can never give you the lived experience you’ll need before making this life changing decision.

London has one of the world’s best transport links. You can travel anywhere in London on the Underground without waiting more than five minutes for a train. Trains and buses are going to everywhere in the UK every hour of the day. And best of all – you can get on a train and be in Europe the same day! Not to mention Heathrow and Gatwick – air flight has never been cheaper.

Our advice is to head out to there a few times before you make any decisions. Do as much research as possible before your first trip and get some first-hand experience. After one or two trips, you’ll know whether it’s the right place for you.

Ward Thomas – Move to Europe Stress-Free –

Although it seems like a lot of work, the more prepared you are now will make things easier when the big day arrives. At Ward Thomas, our mission is to take as much stress out of moving as possible. Even if you’re at the beginning of your planning, give us a call, and we can talk you through our experiences of moving people to Europe.

Ward Thomas has relocated hundreds of people to Europe every year, and we specialise in transporting fragile and expensive items. If you want to take your grand piano and art collection to France, then we’re the company to contact. We understand that certain items need special protective wrapping to ensure that the packaging doesn’t cause damage.

Ward Thomas delivers every job to the highest possible standard. We have a loyal customer base because they know that their possessions are safe with us.

Book Ward Thomas to relocate you to Europe – contact us today, and we’ll discuss your requirements.