Moving Back to London – Our Seamless National and International Packing and Removals Services

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The decision to move away from London or the UK is never easy and takes a lot of planning before the day of the big relocation. In addition to the packing up, your move could involve visas, relying on the seller in another country, lots of red tape and potential delays. All international relocations require a lot of things to go right at every stage, which is difficult when so many different people involved.

Life doesn’t always work out we way we plan, and you may find yourself reversing the process and moving back to London this year. This might seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t need to be if you choose the right removals company. With Anthony Ward Thomas, we can collect you from anywhere in UK or Europe to relocate back to London.

Choose a Reliable Company to Move You Back to London –

Whether it’s for work reasons or you fancy seeing what life is like on the continent, tens of thousands of Londoners pack up and leave the capital every year. And the Anthony Ward Thomas team relocate many of them to destinations throughout Europe every month. We’re London’s favourite European and international removals company because of our high standard of customer service.

What stands us apart from other removals providers is our range of services we have to offer. And one of them is that we can work the other way and relocate you back to the UK just as easily. Anthony Ward Thomas is a member of an elite network of reputable removals and storage providers called the Master Removers Group.

With access to Master Removers Group depots and warehouses all over the UK and Europe, we can organise your relocation back to London with ease. We only work with partner companies that attain our high standards, which means they all must be BAR compliant. Our team will oversee the entire relocation and assign a lead person to manage everything. That means from the loading in Europe to unpacking in London.

How to Create a Moving Checklist for Your Relocation –

Regardless of what context you use this for, preparing in advance and having plenty of time to do everything will improve the end result. When it comes to relocating, you must plan in detail and create some deadlines to make sure you don’t have much to do in the moving week. You can keep on track by creating a moving checklist for your relocation back to London. If you’re able to list everything that needs to be completed, you can divide everything into more manageable tasks.

Then you should contact Anthony Ward Thomas to book your relocation back to the UK from Europe. Our team will be available to assist you at all stages of your relocation. We will be available to contact to ensure you’re ready for the big day well in advance of its arrival. If you’d prefer to let our team do all the heavy-lifting work, we offer a Packing service.

Anthony Ward Thomas’s European Removals service can collect you from most destinations on the continent. And this includes all cities as well as towns; through our partner companies we can collect you from most locations in Europe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re leaving or returning to London – we can undertake any removals job.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Providing the Highest Standard of Removal Services in London –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we don’t cut corners or try to save time by skipping over any details. For us, it’s all about providing a high standard of service we would want to receive as a customer. We plan every aspect of your relocation in detail by undertaking a thorough assessment of your requirements. We then apply our vast amount of removals experience to suggest a suitable service for you.

Our customers need complete assurance that their valuables will be safe from damage or breakages when in transit. This means using the correct packaging and placement of items in the removal vehicle. Furthermore, we only work with experts who understand how to prepare objects in a removal’s van to separate fragile items to protect them.

We are fully BAR accredited, which means we guarantee to provide excellent customer service while protecting your interests. Anthony Ward Thomas can collect you from anywhere in the UK and Europe. Through the Master Removers Group, we can deliver the same level of customer service for national and international moves.

If you’re moving back to London and need a reputable company, contact us today. We have a range of services to fit your requirements.