Moving And Storing For London enterprises

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Business models are changing and with the emergence of new office and work cultures, flexibility is key to being able to adapt to unpredictable markets.  Outsourcing services to reliable companies can help to develop and sustain independent businesses.  Specialized services can be provided through an alliance with a trusted company, without having to have to maintain the staff and the equipment for those services on a permanent basis.  At Anthony Ward Thomas, we have established a firm client base in the removals and storage sector over the last 30 years.  Branching into specialized services for our clients was a natural result of our expertise and dedication to handling precious and valuable items.  As we have developed, so have our team ethos, our vehicles, and our attention to detail.  That’s why our clients trust us to deliver aspects of their business on their behalf.  As we innovate the removals and storage industry, we develop new ways we can assist businesses.  

Airbnb and Landlords 

One of the fastest-growing industries in London in the last years has been in short-term lettings.  As many catch on to the opportunity to let out their London property, not all are available to handle the management themselves.  Outsourcing management of Airbnb and rental properties is common, and sooner or later storage can come in handy.  Storing personal items and furniture away while the rental interior is set up is a common trend.  This is everyday work for our Small Moves team, particularly with our itemized inventory systems.  If a quick change of purpose of the property is required, it is a simple redelivery and interior setup, which we are well versed with.  Similarly, when the rental market is unpredictable, a quick changeover from furnished to unfurnished may be required.  While this may seem like a logistical nightmare, for us, it is just another smooth operation. 

Fine Art Logistics 

Over the years of international removals, we have established a network that allows us to provide service beyond borders. One example of this is our long-standing relationship with Minotti, a high-end bespoke furniture brand made in Italy.  This happy alliance ensures Minotti’s range of furniture has made it to the West End year after year.  Through collaborating with their team, our staff are experts in handling and installing Minotti’s furniture. Our tasks are to schedule deliveries, and we handle the cataloging, storage, installation, and distribution at this end.  All of our team in the Fine Art Logistics department are adept at handling works of art, sculptures, and musical instruments.  As this is a permanent wing of our services, museums, galleries, curators, and event managers know we go beyond the standard of a London removals and storage company. 

Storage for businesses 

We offer four different types of storage, household storage, self-storage, business storage, and archival storage.  Archival storage allows businesses to free up redundant office space where they are storing files and documents.  In our safe and secure units, documents can be locked away without taking up space in your office or home.  As business trends change and people work from home increasingly, the old format office is a thing of the past.  We can provide a safe and reliable storage space for documentation with a clear inventory system.  Similarly, when downsizing a business in changing times you may want to store equipment and stock in a neutral and climate-controlled environment.  Whatever the circumstances, we offer flexible and affordable storage solutions.  Our Small Moves services are also always available if you need transportation to or from the unit. 

Vehicles for London transportation 

If you don’t require a vehicle for your business every day, then it may be more cost-effective to hire our Small Moves team as and when required.  Two team members come in each van, primed and ready for action. With rising fuel costs and increasing driving restrictions in the city, the cost of running your own vehicle can become exorbitant.  Our Small Moves team can adapt to any situation and always come with the signature AWT professionalism.  One key benefit of outsourcing aspects of the business is that entrepreneurs and specialists are freed up to do what they do best, which is create and innovate the market. 

Interior Designers 

Another example of our affiliated enterprises is with interior designers. Our Small Moves team often works on receiving items for interior designers, cataloging, and storing them until the installation day.  Our expert team install and deliver on behalf of the designers. As we specialize in antique removals and picture hanging, we have a honed and precise policy regarding aesthetics and precious items.  It is these skills that we have established over the years that enable us to provide such a bespoke service for our clients.  With many feathers to our bow, we can handle the London streets, parking restrictions, and all the physical maneuvers, as well as curating gallery exhibits and precious items.  Leaving our clients to focus on their own creative work, clients, and team. 

Removals and Storage Services For London Business

These affiliated services are the fruits of the tree we have grown over 30 years. With a solid foundation as part of the Master Removers Group (MRG) and diligently meeting the BAR (British Association of Removers) standards of excellence, we have no doubts we can deliver excellent bespoke removal and storage service.  Our international removals sector covers Europe and beyond and we have tried and tested pathways to make long distance removals painless and simple.  With years of dealing with customs and importation, we have established clear routes for passage which minimize unexpected expenses.  True to our aesthetic affiliations, we have a Packing Supplies shop that turns packing into something of a fine art.  If you want to take the sting out of a domestic move read our Tips for Moving House and get in touch with our team who will be only too happy to help. 

The innovative removals and storage company 

For an office relocation and IT migration we have high tech equipment that can ensure productivity on the next working day. Plus, we can move you any day of the week and provide before and aftercare throughout the process.  We are happy to bring our range of services and adapt them to various London businesses and enterprises. Years of collaboration with experts in their field have helped us prioritize our refined creative and innovative services.  Our reviews are bright with shining stars to prove it.  If you recognize how we could help your business flourish in changing times we are happy to talk it over with you.  We have all of London covered, so wherever you are based we have skilled expertise close at hand and ready for action.