Luxury London Apartment Removals Service

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Anthony Ward Thomas works with many owners of luxury apartments and as such our level of service second to none. We’re taking nothing away from other companies when we say that we’re one of the only removal’s providers that can protect your possessions and the interior of your property sufficiently.

When speaking to some recent clients, it was clear that many had issues with other removals companies that were costly. When we think of things breaking during a relocation, the image of a cracked cup or a dropped box comes to mind. However, the issues often extend to damage that occurs from moving furniture and appliances. Things like dents in walls and paintwork happen when the removal’s team are rushing or don’t plan how to remove certain large items. At Anthony Ward Thomas, we know how to avoid breakages, and our team undertake removals without damage occurring inside the apartment.

Finding a Premium Removal Service in London –

There is one common factor in removals jobs that go wrong, and that’s a lack of assessment and poor communication. The companies simply didn’t do enough preparation time and arrived on a moving day with no knowledge of the type of relocation. They’ll typically turn up driving a vehicle that’s too small for the relocation. And once they begin work, their team are unwilling to assist with an inventory and display a general lack of profesionalism.

This is where damage and breakages can occur, not just for your items but to the interior surfaces in your current and new property. It’s possible to avoid any damage by going through a thorough assessment of the property. That way, we will know if there are any awkward features before we start work. If there are white or light-coloured carpets, we won’t allow our team to trample through in mucky work boots.

The property might also be listed, and additional care will be made when taking out specific items. It will also mean having the correct tools to take apart any large pieces of furniture if there is a possibility of touching an interior wall. This is the higher level of service that makes Anthony Ward Thomas a premium level removals company. Our attention to detail is something every member of the AWT team shares and everything is overseen to ensure that plenty of assessment and preparation work happens.

Quality Man & Van and Home Removals –

Anthony Ward Thomas offers a variety of first and second tier removals and storage packages to ensure we can provide a range of options. From your first phone call or email communication with our team, you’ll notice the higher standard of service. Even from this initial contact, we will begin an assessment of your needs for your upcoming relocation. Then, we will go over the details with you, which is done to make sure we understand your situation correctly.

Anthony Ward Thomas’s first tier removal services include our Small Moves and Large Moves packages. Small Moves is our premium version of a man with a van service in London. This removals package works well for people who are moving from a one of two-bed luxury apartment and don’t have lots of possessions to transport. It’s also simpler to load furniture in busy streets and navigate through rush-hour traffic in the smaller vans.

Anthony Ward Thomas’s Large Moves vehicles can transport a larger quantity of items, which is necessary for more significant pieces of furniture and appliances. Our team will typically move everything in one trip and is more suitable for longer distances, which makes it the common choice for national relocations.

Additionally, Anthony Ward Thomas has a second tier of specialist removals and storage packages. These include our Piano Removals, Fragile Removals, and Antiques & Fine Art Removals, to name a few. We have a reputation for being able to relocate valuable works of art and irreplaceable items of furniture. Furthermore, this is all done to perfection, with no damage to your belongings.

Anthony Ward Thomas – We’re London’s Prestige Removals Company –

The Anthony Ward Thomas team view removals and storage differently from other companies in London. For us, it’s not just about turning up on the day with removals boxes and a team of people. We plan everything in detail thoroughly well in advance of your moving day. This is done through a stringent assessment process and confirmation to ensure we fully understand your requirements.

Anthony Ward Thomas isn’t in the habit of making hollow promises to our customers.  Our team guarantees that your valuable possessions will arrive at their new location in perfect condition. We will do everything possible to make your upcoming relocation stress-free and to the highest standard of customer service.

People who are relocating from or to a luxury apartment in London rightly expect the highest standard of removals service. It’s vital to take every precaution when it comes to safeguarding your property and possessions.

If you want to book London’s prestige removals company, contact us today. We have the right removals package for your requirements.