Luxury London Apartment Removals Service

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At Anthony Ward Thomas, we’re accustomed to moving people into and out of luxury apartments in London, making sure that interiors and belongings don’t come to harm. Even the slightest of grazes or knocks is, we believe, not only regrettable but wholly avoidable. And while we take just this degree of care when we move someone into a dilapidated fixer-upper, we realise that it becomes even more important when interiors, furniture and fixtures are costly and sometimes even irreplaceable.

  1. How Poor Moving Can Cause Damage
  2. Additional Perils of Badly Planned Moving
  3. Why Moves go Wrong and Why They Don’t Have to
  4. Anthony Ward Thomas Quality Moving
  5. The Anthony Ward Thomas Moving Tiers
  6. A Different Kind of Moving and Storage

How Poor Moving Can Cause Damage

Sometimes our clients tell us horror stories of their past house-moves and how, just when they should have been enjoying their new surroundings, they were instead caught up in the tedium of chasing insurance claims because of unnecessary damage caused by careless and unwieldy movers. And by no means was the damage confined to the odd chipped mug or dented hardback book; instead, far more precious things, including electronic appliances, antique furniture and paintwork have been brazenly imperilled by clumsiness. These things happen when a move is insufficiently planned and ends up having to be carried out in a panicked rush. It can also be caused by a removal company not fully training its movers on how to carry or install large items. Every Anthony Ward Thomas mover has been fully trained and has either observed or role-played some of the most complicated aspects of moving (e.g. taking a grand piano out of an apartment) before actually doing it.

Additional Perils of Badly Planned Moving

When we listen to our clients and their past experiences, certain recurring factors become apparent. It’s clear that they’ve often suffered because of a moving team who’ve failed to conduct a full assessment of the job and who don’t have a clear pathway or structure for communication between staff. It’s clear that companies have taken on the job without giving themselves enough time to prepare (at Anthony Ward Thomas, we have procedures in place that allow us to prepare properly even in the event of a last-minute move). And from that shaky starting point, any number of additional things can spin out of control. A team arrives on moving day, scarcely knowing whether they’re moving 15 rooms-worth of possessions or just five. Consequently, the vehicle they bring may be hopelessly inadequate; at worst, it’s far too small and so the move will have to entail several drives back and forth. At best, it’s needlessly large and boxes will have to be doubly fastened to the interior of the lorry to stop them rattling around in all the empty space. But perhaps the most nightmarish scenario is when, in addition to being insufficiently trained and prepped, the moving team doesn’t really care. They’re not invested in the job and just want it over with. They’re sloppy, unprofessional and indifferent and their services certainly don’t stretch to proper inventory-checking or leaving boxes in the right rooms of the new property.

Why Moves go Wrong and Why They Don’t Have to

Once a move is in the hands of people who are neither trained nor significantly engaged in the job, damage is almost a foregone conclusion. And it’s not just the everyday items that are at risk; far worse and more complicated to remedy will be the damage inflicted on interiors. At Anthony Ward Thomas, our moving assessment will always include carefully noting the difficult edges or tight spaces that we’re going to encounter. We’ll make a note of things like jutting features or pale carpets (though, of course, we’ll protect your carpet just as much even if it’s pitch black). We’ll know in advance any unusual aspects of a property, including whether it’s listed, and our teams will arrive with every last bit of equipment they need. We’ll know how to move the most bulky item of furniture without making contact with an interior wall. These are just a few of the ways in which our care and forethought make Anthony Ward Thomas a premium-level moving company.

Anthony Ward Thomas Quality Moving

Attention to detail, training, preparation, pre-assessment… every AWT mover, driver and packer has these things in common. We offer a range of first- and second-tier moves and storage options. The quality is apparent from the moment you first make contact with us, whether that’s by telephone or email. You’ll notice the willingness to help, the courtesy, the competence. It’s a different moving experience entirely. Once you’re in touch, our assessment of your relocation begins, including all the specific needs that make your move different to the last one. We’ll go over everything with you to make sure nothing has been overlooked.

The Anthony Ward Thomas Moving Tiers

Our Small Moves and Large Moves packages fall within our first-tier removal services. Small Moves is a deluxe version of a man-and-van service that is ideally suited to people moving to/from studios and one/two-bedroom apartments. If you’re not sure whether this level is right for you, our assessment phase will establish it. One of the advantages of the service is that it uses smaller vehicles, which makes things easier when it comes to loading/unloading in a busy central-London street as well as coping with complications such as rush-hour traffic. Our Large Moves bring you the same quality but for larger properties with more belongings, more furniture, more appliances and so on. The Large Moves service entails larger vehicles, which are also the better option for a long-distance domestic relocation. Both services will usually move everything in one trip.

The second tier of Anthony Ward Thomas moves are the specialist services, including several removals and storage packages: Fragile Removals, Piano Removals, Antiques, Fine Art Removals and more. We have an array of specialist services and all the necessary expertise relating to the handling and storage of complex items including artworks. Our ‘no damage’ policy means we’re exceptionally conscientious about keeping irreplaceable treasures in exactly the condition we receive them in. Furthermore, if you’re a landlord, managing agent, estate agent or in charge of a property portfolio, then our suit of Property Services will revolutionise your life and work.

A Different Kind of Moving and Storage

We don’t call ourselves London’s Prestige Removals Company lightly; we’ve built our reputation for trust and excellence over many years. For some, a moving job is just about showing up, perhaps on time, perhaps not, and moving a bunch of boxes. We’re completely different. We’re about the care, the planning, the consideration, the respect, the training and the stringent precautions designed to keep you and your possessions safe. We’re not about flashy promises and cheap sloganeering, but are instead focussed on giving you the best possible experience of moving so that you can enjoy your new environment with all your belongings in perfect condition. Our planning includes devising ways to mitigate and, if possible, eliminate the stress you might be feeling about moving house. If you’re moving to or from a luxury London apartment, you quite rightly expect an exceptional standard of removals and we’re committed to delivering just that. Contact us today to find the removals/storage package that’s right for you.