London’s Latest Luxury Apartments

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While many people seem to be looking outside of London to live at the moment, we all have different aspirations as homeowners. London has some of the finest high-end complexes and properties in the world, and many people long to own one. Instead of escaping the capital, this could be the ideal time to go for that luxury apartment you’ve been daydreaming about.

Anthony Ward Thomas takes on relocations throughout London and the surrounding areas daily, to all types of properties. If splendour sounds like your sort of thing, here’s our guide to finding the right luxury apartment for you.

Scooping Up London’s Luxury Apartments –

The recent housing market trend will indeed see people leaving London for places in the countryside or with more outdoor spaces. There are various reasons why they’re looking outside of the capital for other options, but a common theme seems to play out. However, this doesn’t mean everyone is going to abandon ship and choose to move outside of London.

Where some people felt the need for a big back garden, others might want something more upmarket. The stricter lockdown is unlikely to happen, and the benefits of city life will gradually return, with things like cinemas, theatres, and museums opening. And as people leave for pastures new, supply will increase, which tends to drive prices down.

If your dream apartment is in one of London’s designer postcodes, now could be the right time to do some scouting. Like most things, London has a lot of choices when it comes to high-end apartments and houses. With some smart online research and contacting a few estate agents, you could find the right one for you.

Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of services to help move you in and assist you with the transition from larger properties. The best part is, you won’t necessarily have to get rid of things because self storage is perfect for downsizing.

The Best New High-End Developments in London –

Mayfair – home to the Four Seasons and Burlington Gate apartments, Mayfair is the calling card for high-society in London. You’ll find a wider variety of apartment buildings in Mayfair, which gives you more choice. And, as you’d expect, Mayfair is usually at the top end of the pricing spectrum.

Holland Park – although Holland Park is better known for its townhouses, the latest development – Holland Park Villas – combines the aesthetic of the area with additional luxury. This complex is attracting lots of attention and spare apartments are becoming a rarity, so you’ll need to act fast.

South Kensington – with notable properties at Cornwall Gardens and Queen’s Gate, South Kensington offers more affordable luxury properties. But that doesn’t mean you’ll find a bargain here. It’s just comparatively cheaper than the rest of our list.

Belgravia – with the sought-after Chelsea Barracks on-site, Belgravia is prime real estate when it comes to luxury living. While the average house price in Belgravia is approximately three and a half million, you might pay over double that for premier lodgings in this sought-after postcode.

How Self Storage Works When Downsizing –

Luxury apartments generally speak to the higher standards of the property’s features as well as the amenities of the complex. It doesn’t always automatically mean the floor area is small. In some cases, they’re as substantial as a three-bedroom house. However, if you’re moving from a large detached home, you will need to consider reducing your possessions before your relocation.

While we do suggest decluttering as a way of getting rid of things you no longer use, it’s not a complete solution. You might want to hold onto most of your belongings and require a better compromise. The good news is, it’s possible to do this by using self storage. Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of storage options. We can make it possible to downsize without losing a single item.

Anthony Ward Thomas offers a premium level of self storage you won’t find anywhere else in London, and we have short and long-term options available. We’re flexible and will do our best to accommodate all storage specifications, which includes a storage unit upgrade or downsize if your circumstances change.

Furthermore, we can arrange to collect your items for storage to save you hiring a vehicle. We have various storage unit sizes on-site, making it possible to store any number of items. Moreover, our security measures are unbeatable, ensuring your belongings are safe and secure from theft or damage.

The Benefit of a Man & Van Service –

Anthony Ward Thomas began this company nearly thirty years ago in what you might consider a wake-up call due to receiving a poor standard of service. From there, his company has gone from strength-to-strength due to our focus on customer service. You’ll hear us discussing this a lot because it’s crucial to everything we do. Whether it’s creating a new service or improving an existing one, it all stems from this core belief in attaining the highest standards of service delivery.

For us, this also means having a broad selection of packages available, which makes it possible to accommodate relocations of any size. Our Home Removals and Small Moves services can cover a majority of relocations. There is also a second level of specialist removals and related packages, for things like moving pianos, fragile items, antiques, and fine art pieces.

Small Moves is our premium man with a van service which combines the typical set-up with the highest standard of service delivery. Our planning team go to lengths to make sure the moving day goes smoothly, and everything completes on time. Some examples of this include traffic and roadwork research, weather reporting, parking and loading restrictions, just to name a few.

Our vans are ideal for inter-city relocations and the smaller vehicles easier to load and pack. This helps to keep your neighbours happy by preventing our vans blocking cars or passing traffic. Every Small Moves job has two Anthony Ward Thomas crew members to do all the lifting work. Everyone in our removals and storage team is experts in handling fragile or valuable items. Additionally, we provide them with state-of-the-art handling equipment and removal’s tools.

Using Online Ratings Before Booking –

There lots of removals and storage companies operating in London. And while having more options to choose from seems like a good idea, it also means a lot of searching before you find the right one. Before you book your upcoming removals service, you must take the time to find a reliable and reputable provider. So how do you go about this? Many years ago, it was harder to find out what a company was like until after the job.

Now there are rating platforms like Google Live, Trustpilot and Facebook where you can vet a potential service provider. If you’re not familiar with a rating platform, they work like this. People can go onto a company’s Google Live profile and give them a rating out of five. Then, they can also leave a comment to accompany their score. You can see Anthony Ward Thomas’s five-star reviews here.

One of the things that makes Anthony Ward Thomas London’s best removals company is our ethos. We will only accept the highest level of customer service for each job we take on. Our goal is to go above and beyond the expectations of each client we work with. And to reach that standard, we have a range of services and packages for our customers to choose from.

Anthony Ward Thomas only works with experts who have years of experience and specialist training in removals. Every member of our team understands that correct packing is crucial to protecting valuable and fragile items. Even the type of packaging materials we use is critical to maintaining the objects we relocate. It’s this attention to detail that makes our customers trust us with their valuable possessions.

Making Customer Service Our Number One Focus –

Achieving the highest standard of customer service is the foundation of Anthony Ward Thomas’s ethos. Our number one goal is to provide the very best removals and storage service possible in London and the UK. We’re the capital’s number one removals and storage provider, offering a range of premium packages you won’t find anywhere else.

When other removals companies mention their range of services, it’s a bit different in comparison to our primary and specialists service. No other company can provide the high standards of service delivery that we attain.  And your valuable possessions will be completely safe from breakages and damage during your relocation.

Customer service is of paramount importance to our company, and it determines everything we offer our clients. Every removals and storage package provide more options for our customers. Moreover, we’re confident that you’ll know you made the right choice when you reach your new location.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Prestige Removals Company –

Anthony Ward Thomas relocates thousands of people in London every month. And we tend to become our customer’s future choice for all moves and related services. That’s because we demand the highest standard of service delivery for every job we sign up for. And this includes unbeatable individual care and handling of all your possessions.

We understand that relocating can be a busy time, and that’s why we offer a dedicated Packing service. This often makes things less stressful, giving you time to prepare your own property for sale. Additionally, you’ll have more time to undertake viewings of apartments to see which area suits you the best.

When you find the right luxury apartment for you, please contact us so we can go into more details about our premium range of services.