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There’s almost never a time of year when some big event or national holiday isn’t on the horizon, meaning you’re either building up to a get-together or family gathering, or else you’re in the aftermath of such an occasion. And both situations often mean that you need professional-quality cleaning, especially if you’re contending with 101 other tasks and therefore not in a position to take on the job yourself. Just when we’ve got over the humps of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, along come events like Shrove Tuesday (especially messy with all that pancake flipping) and Easter Sunday. No matter how cautiously you approach such fixtures of the national calendar, they invariably leave a mark; whether it be piles of wrapping paper, red wine spillages or just general clutter and debris.

One of the best ways to remedy the situation is to use a professional cleaning company who will not only be able to apply themselves to the task with the kind of energy and enthusiasm it’s very hard to muster as an individual, but will also have the equipment and the insider knowledge to go far beyond the limits of amateur cleaning. Anthony Ward Thomas Cleaning is among the finest of these services in London. We have a carefully chosen clean team who are trained experts and who never, ever settle for “good enough”. They will revitalise your property from the entrance hall all the way up to the attic, leaving it in as unblemished a state as possible. Even stains and marks that long pre-date our visit will be treated and, wherever possible, either lessened or removed.


  1. How to Choose Professional Cleaning in London
  2. Why Use a Professional Cleaning Company?
  3. Decluttering Before Cleaning
  4. London’s Premier Cleaning Company – Anthony Ward Thomas Cleaning
  5. Anthony Ward Thomas Property Services

How to Choose Professional Cleaning in London

Reputation is everything – and that’s something that’s best assessed by a combination of looking at Google Reviews, TrustPilot ratings, customer feedback and recommendations from friends. Your trust is a precious thing and it should only be placed in the hands of a company that’s reputable, well established and comes with the guarantee of good customer service. AWT Cleaning ticks all these boxes and more.

Why Use a Professional Cleaning Company?

There are innumerable advantages to using a professional cleaning company for your house or flat. Even with the best will in the world, you’ll probably know how challenging it is to clean behind and beneath appliances and to blitz every last trace of limescale from surfaces and taps. One person on their own will need to give up their entire weekend if they intend to do this themselves and even then there’s no guarantee they’ll have all the right equipment for such a deep clean. Hand the work over to the professionals, however, and your property will benefit from the clean team’s combined expertise and muscle. Even the grime that congregates underneath heavy fridge-freezers will be eliminated. Whether you’re preparing for an event, cleaning up after one, or simply want a sparkling, hygienic and revitalised living space, you’ve made the right decision and it’s one you won’t regret.

Decluttering Before Cleaning

If you’ve made the decision to book a professional clean, then the period before it takes place is often the best possible time to declutter and create more space in your home. This is even truer for people living in luxury London apartments where storage space is limited. The old method – only keeping the things you actually use and need – is still probably the best one, even though it requires a stiff resolve, mental clarity and the suspension of sentimentality. Any latent hoarding impulses must be brutally ignored. Once you’ve dealt with the things you can dispose of, whether to recycling, the rubbish bin or charity, then you might be left with possessions you don’t need ready access to but which you still want to keep. This is where storage comes in. A clean, safe, secure self-storage facility means you can get these items out of your home and into a space where you can still retrieve them whenever necessary. Anthony Ward Thomas Storage will keep your belongings in a fully-alarmed storage space where they’ll be safe from harm and still within easy reach.

London’s Premier Cleaning Company – Anthony Ward Thomas Cleaning

AWT has a reputation, built over many years, as the finest removals and storage company in London. So why would our cleaning service be any different, given that it’s founded on the very same convictions, such as first-rate customer service and the pursuit of excellence? Thanks to these principles, our clients return to us again and again and we move hundreds of people in the city every year and cater to 101 different storage requirements. Our cleaning service, which has now been operating for well over five years, is based on the same credo; we apply 100 per cent of our commitment, talent, energy and skill to every job, no matter how small. Our top-to-bottom cleaning service works as well for top-end properties as it does more modest studios, and is also great for businesses and corporate premises. It’s perfect for any number of situations, including the ends of tenancies, and our clean team’s telephone number is an absolute asset to the contacts book of people who work in property, whether in the construction/development section or as landlords or property portfolio managers. AWT’s approach can be summarised simply; we never deliver less than the best, which includes punctuality, thoroughness and attention to detail. Our clean team will know at a glance which cleaning products are safe for which surfaces and areas and the job will come in on time and within the quotation.

Anthony Ward Thomas Property Services

The AWT Clean team is just one part of the suite of services that form AWT Property Services. Every conceivable property service you could ever need, whether you’re an estate agent, landlord, managing agent, tenant or buy-to-let investor, is all under one roof, including: cleaners, handymen, painters/decorators, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, repair experts, inventory-taking and inventory management.