Start 2018 With London’s Best Professional Cleaning Service

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Now that it’s January, everyone is back at work and the Christmas holidays are a distant memory. Unfortunately, if you’ve had a busy Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the festive period may have left its mark. A lot of guests over for Christmas dinner or a New Year’s Eve party will leave behind some unwanted reminders.

For a lot of people, January is a month where they make some big decisions. You might have made a long list of new year’s resolutions, and you’re currently en route to the gym. One of the best ways to start off 2018 is to have a thorough clean of your house or apartment.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Cleaning Company –

Everyone would like to have a spotlessly clean home, but it’s not always possible due to busy schedules. That’s where a professional cleaning company like AWT Cleaning comes in handy. You won’t have to take any days off or get your hands dirty. Instead, your house or apartment will be cleaned from top to bottom, without leaving any dirt or stains.

It’s important to go with a reputable cleaning company who has a track record of a high level of customer service. The AWT Cleaning team are all experts in their field, and they settle for nothing less than a perfect job. They are professionals who have all the right equipment and cleaning products, and they do everything thoroughly.

Another advantage to using a professional cleaning company is their ability to get into those impossible spaces. For anyone who cleans behind the fridge and over, attempts to remove limescale and other grime, you’ll know how difficult it can be. Things like this are better left to the pros who have the team power and equipment to tackle the grime that lurks under the fridge-freezer.

No more grime or stains – you’ll have a sparkling clean home to begin 2018. Hiring a professional cleaning company is the quickest way to get the job done.

Other Tips for Better Living Spaces –

Another excellent way to start the year is to create as much space as possible in your home. This is essential for those who live in inner-city luxury apartments where there are fewer storage spaces. Declutter and only keep what you use or need. It’s a simple theory but a difficult one to stick to.

So, keep it simple – if you use it, it can stay in the house or apartment. Be blunt with yourself and ask yourself this question: would you rent a storage unit to keep it? If the answer is no, then get rid of it. You can try to sell your items eBay or Gumtree. Your local charity shop will be grateful for the donation, so take your unused items there.

If your answer was yes, you would pay to keep it you should rent a self storage unit to create more space. Ward Thomas has some excellent storage packages to fit everyone’s requirements. In addition, you’ll have the same level of access you would have with your own garage.

For the items that you plan on keeping in your home, use storage boxes to organise things. Some storage boxes are flat and slide under a bed. Just make sure you don’t fall into the trap of hoarding in an organised way with plastic storage containers.

AWT Cleaning – We’re London’s Premier Cleaning Company –

Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage company. We provide the best level of service to people who only accept 100%. The Ward Thomas team moves hundreds of people every year. Furthermore, we cater for hundreds of storage customers.

Our impressive range of services now has London’s premier cleaning service – AWT Cleaning. We provide a holistic cleaning service for top-end properties and business in London. We do every type of cleaning, which includes end of tenancy, carpet, household cleaning, as well as construction and other forms of businesses.

The Ward Thomas mission is simple: only the best is good enough. Every detail is planned and completed on time, and we guarantee to leave your home spotlessly clean. AWT Cleaning can work around the clock. We only use cleaning products that won’t cause damage, and we complete the job on time, and to perfection.

The best way to start 2018 is with a home that is so clean; it feels brand-new. Contact us today to discuss what AWT Cleaning can do for you.