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Whether you’re a tenant, a landlord, estate agent, managing agent or property portfolio overseer, it’s inevitable that maintenance and repair tasks will arise, sometimes frequently, sometimes wholly unexpectedly and sometimes as a matter of emergency. And the likelihood is that you might have neither the time nor the appropriate skill set to undertake them yourself. That’s when you need a local handyman – and sometimes as quickly as possible. It can make better economic sense to hand the task over to someone who can accomplish it within an hour than to use up an entire day of your own time, with nothing but a YouTube tutorial to guide you. But where should you look to find your handyman, so that you don’t run the risk of inviting someone unscrupulous and inexperienced into your home? You have every right to want someone who’s trustworthy, punctual, courteous and experienced in all the right areas… someone who comes to you with a proven track record of excellence. But it’s not always easy to know where to turn.

  1. What can a Handyman do in London?
  2. How Do I Find a Good Handyman in London?
  3. How Much is a Handyman in London?
  4. Getting a Quote For a Handyman
  5. Fully Insured Handymen
  6. Anthony Ward Thomas Property Services

What can a Handyman do in London?

Anthony Ward Thomas Handymen can take on almost anything to do with property maintenance that’s not covered by the other sections of the Anthony Ward Thomas property services range (cleaning; compliance; inventory; painters & decorators). They’re accomplished at a considerable array of domestic jobs, repair work, home upgrades and tweaks. Among the list of things they can do are: TV-mounting, flat-pack furniture assembly; cat-flap installation/repair; curtain/blind-fitting; cabinet installation/repair; shower screen repair/fitting; small leaks; joinery; gardening; floor replacement; paintwork touch-ups; draught-proofing; painting/photograph-hanging; lock-fitting/repair; toilet seat installation/repair/replacement; mirror hanging; installing/mending shelves. But this is by no means the full, exhaustive list. Fortunately, if you have a job that isn’t listed above, you can tell Anthony Ward Thomas Handymen about it on 0208 267 6006 or via the online quotation form. If you come to us with a job that our handyman service can’t complete, we’ll do our best to point you towards the service(s) that can.

How Do I Find a Good Handyman in London?

The answer is usually to use a balance of friends’ recommendations and internet searching, taking into account TrustPilot ratings and Google Reviews. By any of these measures, the Anthony Ward Thomas Handymen service comes out on top. Anthony Ward Thomas Handymen are part of the Ward Thomas Property Services division – a suite of services designed to help people who work in property but which are also useful for tenants and homeowners. The AWT handymen are fully vetted and DBS-checked so that you can feel completely confident in opening your doors to them. They’re efficient and talented men and women whose dedication to the job goes far beyond merely “good enough” and into the realm of excellence.

How Much is a Handyman in London?

The cost of a London handyman varies from company to company but is also affected by the specifics of each job, the materials it requires and the time it requires. The good news is that Anthony Ward Thomas handymen are available for only a minimum one-hour charge. Jobs that take longer are charged in half-hour increments after that first hour. If a job turns out to require extra materials, your handyman will discuss this with you and then do his best to find those materials as locally as possible so that little time is wasted. The cost of the materials will be agreed with you and then added to the bill. You do, however, have the option of acquiring the materials yourself and give them to the handyman instead.

Getting a Quote For a Handyman

The Anthony Ward Thomas Handymen service can give you a quick no-obligation on 0208 267 6006. Alternatively, you can use the Get An Online Quote form which gives you room to add a detailed description and upload photographs. Our quotation process is streamlined and fast, so that you can get the information you need quickly and then make a decision as to whether or not to proceed. Our handymen can be booked well in advance or at short notice; we know that sometimes a handyman job is a borderline emergency. When you go ahead with your booking, you’ll be given a time slot that minimises your waiting around; we don’t expect you to stay in for a half-day (much less a whole one) for a job that might only take an hour. We also aim to match you to a handyman who’s in your area or a neighbouring one, so that we can reach you all the more easily. The AWT Handymen team is available seven days a week so if any questions arise either before, during or after your job, we can get you the support you need.

Fully Insured Handymen

Anthony Ward Thomas handymen are fully insured… and, if anything connected to the job goes wrong or seems unsatisfactory, you can contact us within the first three days after completion and, if the issue relates to the work we’ve done, we’ll return and fix it without any extra charge. You can also reach the handymen team easily, by telephone or online, for general support and help concerning your booking.

Anthony Ward Thomas Property Services

AWT’s Handymen service is merely one in a range of AWT Property Services, all designed to work together to cover every possible property need you could ever have. From cleaners to painters/decorators, from electricians to plumbers, from locksmiths to inventory management and more… if you’re an estate agent, tenant, managing agent, buy-to-let investor, landlord or tenant, then this suite of services can revolutionise your work and life. All the qualities associated with our removals division can be found in our approach to property services, including an uncommon level of attention to detail, forethought and care. You can reach a team member seven days a week and, during any job, we’ll always act quickly if there’s an unforeseen obstacle or problem. Many of our property service jobs can be completed quickly while still maintaining the quality control for which Anthony Ward Thomas is known and admired.