Londoner’s Favourite Ski Destinations

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For some of us, the first sign of snow makes us want to curl up into a ball and pray for summer. For the remaining few, winter and the thought of snowy peaks and powdery snow are what holidays are all about. There is nothing more thrilling than traversing some of Europe’s most sought-after skiing destinations. With the best resorts in the world within an easy commute from London, it’s easy to see why skiing is so popular.

With the Winter Olympics a recent memory, a lot of people are getting the skiing buzz. For some, it’s something they do once a month. Others visit the slopes of Verbier and Chamonix every few months or annually. They go for the skiing and end up finding themselves in the lap of luxury amongst other skiing enthusiasts and holidaymakers. At Ward Thomas, we’re also partial to some outdoor fun in the snow. With that in mind, here are some of our top skiing destinations that are within a commute from London.

The Best Skiing Resorts within a Reasonable Journey from London –

Verbier, Switzerland – this is the Ward Thomas number one pick for your next skiing getaway. Verbier is the best of the best when it comes to ski resorts. Regular ski enthusiasts describe this as the premier destination for skiers. With over two-hundred and fifty miles of slopes and off-piste zones, you won’t find anywhere like Verbier.

Time from London – you can get to Verbier via train, bus, ferry, and plane. For ferry and plane, you’ll have to get a connecting mode of transport. The bus is the cheapest but will take approximately twenty-three hours. The best method of transportation is the train which will take you just over eight hours.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France – while it might not be as opulent as Verbier or some of the other reports on our list, Chamonix is known as the technical skier’s top choice. Parts of Chamonix can be accessed by climbing apparatus. This mammoth course is not for the faint of heart if you go for the top-shelf slopes. However, Chamonix has intermediate slopes for everyone to enjoy.

Time from London – it will take you between ten and twelve hours by train and twenty-one hours by bus. You can get to Chamonix by plane, but you’ll need to transfer to Geneva which adds another three hours.

Kitzbuhel, Austria – Kitzbuhel is an award-winning ski resort in Austria that is known for its amenities and family-friendly atmosphere. You’ll have access to state of the art equipment and facilities throughout the resort.

Time from London – although Kitzbuhel is further away than Verbier, it’s easier to reach. You can get there in six hours by a plane and train combination. A train will take around thirteen hours, and a bus will take over twenty-five hours.

Val Gardena, Italy – Val Gardena’s selling point is like Kitzbuhel. It’s a skiing holiday destination that’s suitable for the whole family. You can learn the basics and work your way up the various slope levels. Val Gardena has childcare services if you want to do some adult skiing.

Time from London – you can reach Val Gardena within seven hours by train and plane. A direct train will take at least sixteen hours. A bus will take over twenty-eight hours.

Tips for Skiing and Storing Your Equipment –

Having the right equipment for skiing isn’t just about showing off your favourite brands. It’s about your safety when you’re on the slopes. Well maintained skiing equipment is an essential part of any skier’s inventory, so it’s worth investing in a decent pair.

Store your skies and related items somewhere that protects from the elements. Even though you use your skies in the snow, you should always clean and store your skies to make sure they’re dry when not in use. Furthermore, you’ll need a ski-tuning kit to maintain them properly. Otherwise, you’ll need to find someone who can do it for you.

Skiing equipment can be tricky to store. By nature, they’re long, and the equipment that goes with it can take up space at home. If you use Ward Thomas to store your skies, you’ll have the peace of mind that they’re safe and secure from theft and damage.

Ward Thomas – subheading: Helping You Hit the Slopes this Winter –

Many of Ward Thomas customers are avid ski and winter sports enthusiasts. They often tell us what their favourite resorts are and any other tips for any fellow skiers. Our various self storage units are perfect for skies, snowboards and any other accessories. Moreover, no matter what your storage needs we have the right storage unit for you.

Self storage is the best way to guarantee the protection from theft or damage. It’s essential that your skies remain in perfect condition, which means avoiding exposure to the elements or fire damage. Storage units are designed to keep out any conditions that invite damage. Ward Thomas’s facilities have top of the range security measures.

Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage company. We provide the best level of service to people who only accept 100%. The Ward Thomas team moves hundreds of people every year, and they all receive a premium level of service. Equally, customer service is our number one priority, and everything we do flows from this ethos.

This winter, make sure you hit the slopes in style. If you want any advice on storing your equipment, contact us today.