Last-Minute Removals & Making a Moving Checklist

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For anyone who’s planning on moving in London or to another area, it always helps to put plenty of work into the planning stages. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong that are beyond our control and you might need a last-minute relocation. There is a multitude of reasons for emergency removals, such as an Ill relative or your original removals company cancel on you. At Anthony Ward Thomas, will do everything possible to provide a last-minute removal in London.

Even though you’re quickly organising an emergency relocation, it’s still vital that you create and use a moving checklist. A moving checklist helps to map everything out and keep on track as you complete each task leading up to the moving day. It will also make it much easier to see any outstanding points that require immediate action. Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of suitable removals and related services, and our Packing service could be beneficial in this situation.

Moving in a Week Checklist in London –

Your initial response to a last-minute removal would be to panic and start ploughing into each room and stuffing things indiscriminately into boxes. This isn’t a good idea and could cause you to break items, and you’ll end up with no idea what things are in each box. Our advice is to take your time and start by creating a moving checklist – you can use ours as a template.

Next, you should download a home inventory app and log everything via the instructions when you open it. Most home inventory apps are free or very cheap, and you’ll be able to save everything with images. Rather than undertaking the packing yourself, you can get our team to do it for you. We have a dedicated Packing service which will save you a lot of time.

Now it’s time to rope in as many people into your emergency relocation as possible. You need to get every member of the family to go online to research a new location. Try and organise a quick trip out there if it’s within an hour’s drive or journey. Ask everyone to make list of everything worth noting about the new area or that might help other parts of the relocation process.

You’ll also need to contact your current utility providers and council with moving dates and meter readings. The last thing you want is to receive a council tax bill or a gas invoice months after you leave your house. Ensure any payments are paid and you’re able to access your new house when you arrive.

Useful Moving Tips for All Removals in London –

Even if time is against you, try and get rid of furniture, appliances and other items you rarely or never use anymore. You will have enough time to sell things on eBay if you’re quick. Otherwise, you’ll need to give the rest away to an upcycling organisation or local charity shops. Do this first to create as much space as possible before you start logging and packing things into boxes.

It goes without saying that you should only consider booking with a reputable and reliable company like Anthony Ward Thomas. That’s due to our superior quality of service and standards. We have a range of packages to guarantee that your last-minute move goes smoothly. What’s more, we can guide you through the key steps of your relocation to help you organise everything.

You should contact your insurance broker now to see what coverage your current contents insurance has. Remember to provide accurate information to avoid any issues in the unlikely event of a breakage. Additionally, you can rent a self storage unit through us which is useful for keeping valuables safe during your move.

Anthony Ward Thomas – We Can Accommodate Your Last-Minute Removals in London –

Anthony Ward Thomas approaches every removals job differently from other companies in London. Even in instances where the relocation requires immediate action, we plan everything in detail through assessment and confirmation to ensure we fully understand your requirements. We apply our vast amount of removals experience to suggest a suitable service for you.

Our customers demand a higher standard of service delivery to ensure that their valuables will be safe from damage or breakages when in transit. And this means using the correct packaging and placement of items in the removal vehicle. Furthermore, Anthony Ward Thomas employs experts who understand how to prepare objects in a removal’s van to separate fragile items to protect them.

Anthony Ward Thomas is fully BAR accredited. This means we guarantee to provide a high standard of service, as well as protecting your interests. Moreover, we can move you anywhere in London, the UK, Europe and around the world. Through our partners in the Master Removers Group, we have a network of excellent removals and storage companies nationally.

Anthony Ward Thomas is London’s number one removals company that attains the highest standard of service. We have a fleet of vehicles and a large number of team members which means we can accept last-minute jobs. If you need to book an emergency relocation contact us straight away.