How to Cope with Last-Minute Removals in London Part II

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When most people relocate, it can take months of planning to arrange things. Not only is the removals company to book, but you need to see what things you want or need to take with you. Then you’ll be negotiating a price for your new house or apartment, or finding a suitable place to rent. This can sometimes take months or even a year, but at least you have the peace of mind that everything’s going to go smoothly.

Then, without warning, something happens, and you need to arrange a last-minute removals company. In our first blog, we went through some necessary information on what to do and not to do if this happens to you. At Ward Thomas, we’re always here to help people who need a last-minute removals job.

Contact a Reliable Removals Company –

The one thing that a lot of people do in situations like arranging last-minute removals is to panic book. It makes sense; you’re in a tricky situation and time is running out. The new people are due to move in, and you need to get on with your own relocating. So, you go online and see ads for price comparison sites, or you choose one of the first companies you know that operate in your area.

While it’s always a good idea to jump into action as soon as possible, that doesn’t mean you should book with the first company you find. Remember – this is your possessions you’re moving, and it’s vital that you book a company who are reliable and have an excellent reputation. Moreover, it’s easy enough to find one without relying on price comparison sites.

Give yourself a couple of hours to go online to check for a suitable removals company. The first thing you need to look when choosing a removals company is how reliable they are. Check for online reviews, testimonials, as well as their credentials. Make sure that you only book with a company that’s BAR accredited and that they have a dispute resolution procedure. You should also look for a company that offers a wide range of services. It’s better to find a company that provides more than just removals.

Double-Check Everything to Avoid Any Other Issues –

Now that you’re making progress with booking a reputable removals company, it’s important that you double-check everything else. First off, make sure you contact every utility provider to notify them you’re moving. If you don’t, they’ll keep charging you for gas and electricity. It might be worth checking with them to see if they need notice in writing or by email. You will also need to contact your local authority to notify them.

If you have any items that are expensive or fragile, contact your insurance provider to get comprehensive cover. Moving will always create more opportunities for damage to occur, so it’s better to have the peace of mind by insuring your possessions. A reputable removals company will have a range of services to compliment any relocation. This should include a packing service, which is something the Ward Thomas team recommend.

Before you set off – make sure that you leave your keys with the new owner or estate agent. And make sure you have everything you need to collect the keys to your new home. If you’re driving to your new location, make sure that you check the oil levels and tyre pressure before you set off. If you’re driving with little ones, it’s also a good idea to make sure there’s plenty of things to keep them occupied on the journey.

Ward Thomas – We Can Do Last-Minute Removals Jobs –

Ward Thomas moves hundreds of people every month, and we’re London’s prestige removals and storage provider. Although it’s a good idea to try and book with us as early as possible, we’ll always do our best to help people who need an urgent removals job. The Ward Thomas promise is that we will provide a service we would want to receive. We put ourselves in their shoes, which makes us go the extra mile for any of our customers.

Ward Thomas provides a first-class service for people who need something more from their removals company. It’s vital for us that we have the right people on our team, and all our employees are experts in their field. Not only that, but they strive to give their customers the best level of service possible in London. We can take on any size of removals job, no matter how big or small. Ward Thomas has the right vehicle and equipment to take on any task.

Every job we undertake we guarantee it will have the Anthony Ward Thomas seal of approval. We’re specialists in moving and transporting fine art and valuable goods, that’s why we’re London’s best removals and storage provider.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation and you need a last-minute removals job, contact us today to discuss your requirements.