Larger Home Removals London, Homes of Three Beds or More

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Moving to a new house is rarely as simple as we’d like it to be, especially as most people balance work and family at the same time. There is a way to reduce stress and keep any potential problems to a minimum, without having to do anything yourself. Booking a reliable removals company is the best way of ensuring you receive a high standard of service. What’s more, they’ll do a lot of the work for you.

People in London use Anthony Ward Thomas due to our high standards and premium level services. We have a range of primary and specialist removals packages that cover just about everyone’s relocation requirements.

The Right Removals Service for Your Move –

If you live in a house with three or more medium or large bedrooms, you’ll need a removal’s vehicle to accommodate this comfortably. At Anthony Ward Thomas, we don’t overlook any details or cut corners, as we’re all too aware of the problems that arise from guesswork. And in the end, everything adds up to providing the best possible relocation by emphasising preparation.

Anthony Ward Thomas’s customers expect excellent customer service as standard. It’s crucial that we understand the exact specifications and details of your relocation. This all begins with a thorough assessment, which we base on your first and subsequent inquiries. For some more complicated jobs, we’ll send a member of our team out to you to double-check every aspect of your relocation.

In this blog, we’ll highlight and go over how and why a company’s reputation equals better service. We’ll lay out exactly what goes into a typical relocation, in addition to providing enough information on our range of services. By the end of the article, you’ll understand why Anthony Ward Thomas is the first choice for tens of thousands of customers in London and throughout the UK.

What Happens During a Household Removal?

From your first inquiry, we can begin to piece together a picture of what your relocation might look like. After discussing these points in more detail, we can create a free quotation, and a suggestion of what we think is the most suitable removal package. It’s through a process of assessment that we match the correct service with your needs. And we never add unnecessary new services or fees later after the quote becomes final.

You’ll have to spend a lot of time on the planning and preparation stages of your relocation as it will determine how successful it is. To do this, you’ll need to create a moving checklist, and you can see an example of ours here. This document will be the centring point of your entire relocation, and you’ll refer back to it throughout. If you lose your way, it’s here to steer your back on course.

Anthony Ward Thomas will assign a relocation manager for complicated jobs or at your request, depending on how much assistance you require. Our team will be available to discuss your move at every stage of your relocation. We plan everything in advance of moving day to make sure that any small issues are rectified before they become problems.

Our team turn up on time and complete on schedule, making sure that we meet every deadline. We don’t rely on or assume things will happen predictably because of a previous, similar job. The Anthony Ward Thomas team will plan everything in detail, taking traffic situations and roadworks into account for the moving day.

Using Self Storage During a Relocations –

There will be occasions where you might need to put off your relocation for a few months. Typically, this occurred earlier in the lockdown where we were encouraging customers to postpone non-essential relocations. However, we now schedule bookings without any delay while taking additional health and safety precautions and guidelines into account.

Moving home can cause some unforeseen situations and delays do happen for some relocations, regardless of how well we prepare for them. For anyone who experiences delay in moving-in, self storagev offers a safe and secure way to store your possessions. Anthony Ward Thomas has four types of storage, which covers everything from household to commercial self storage.

Anthony Ward Thomas’s storage facilities have top-notch security measures, and every storage unit is built to safeguard your possessions. Our storage units have environmental controls which guarantee that everything remains in mint condition. Some of our customers store valuables in their unit because of the additional security measures we provide.

Can I Use Anthony Ward Thomas to Move Long-Distance?

The answer to this is both obvious and also needs elaboration. Yes, the Anthony Ward Thomas team relocates hundreds of people to destinations throughout the UK every month. However, it’s not our ability to perform long-distance relocations that requires analysis; rather, it’s the premium quality of the service that makes the difference. We’re London’s favourite national and international removals company because of our high standard of customer service.

Our National Moving Service starts from just £400 (excl VAT) per single container, which is the same volume of contents from a one-bed apartment. Two of our removal’s team will be on-hand to load and unload each container. And you’ll also receive standard liability insurance as part of the service. Click here to see a full specification of the package with information on pricing and applicable terms and conditions.

What stands us apart from other removals providers is our range of services we can offer. And we can relocate you anywhere in the UK just as easily as we do for London moves. Anthony Ward Thomas is a member of an elite network of reputable removals and storage providers called the Master Removers Group. This network of removals and storage partners gives us the ability to attain the highest standard of customer service throughout the UK and beyond.

Are There Any Additional Measures to Protect My Belongings During the Relocation?

We now offer a new service, which provides you with another measure of protection for your belongings. Our Crate Hire Service is suitable for individuals and businesses in London, and these sturdy containers give you an additional level of safety from damage during transit. We have various crate types and sizes available, making this the ideal service for safeguarding your possessions.

This package provides you with the ultimate level of protection for your items when packing, loading, offloading, and unpacking. As you can tell, there are plenty of opportunities where your belongings are at risk during a move. By using an Anthony Ward Thomas crate, you won’t have to worry about any issues with regards to breakages or damage.

This service includes:

  • Full crate hire service available
  • Crates of every shape and size for any purpose and in any number
  • Crates delivery option available
  • Crate collection service
  • Bespoke crates created for special items
  • Crate packing service available on request
  • A range of removals services available for domestic and business relocations
  • Secure short or long-term commercial storage available for all items

We have crates that cater for most items of furniture or appliances, and we can deliver them to your address. It’s also possible for you to collect the containers if that’s easier for you. Our team will also pack these crates to save you time and make sure everything is in the best order inside of the box.

How Do I Know I’m Making the Right Choice Before Booking?

Thankfully, people no longer have to rely on word of mouth recommendations or potluck when booking a removal service. Platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot are changing the way we perceive customer service, giving us more power before booking. Furthermore, it’s possible to access a review from a company’s previous customers.

This is how it works – each company that appears on Google automatically gives customers an option to rate them. You can award a company a rating out of five, which includes short-written feedback. By using a company with an average rating of five or just under, the level of service will likely be high.

Anthony Ward Thomas is a five-star company, and you can read our reviews here for yourself. To us, customer service is of paramount importance, and it connects to everything we do. We never cut corners or try to apply the easier option. It’s about attention to detail and ensuring that every job we sign up for is done on time, efficiently, and to the highest standard possible.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Master Removers and Storage Experts –

The Anthony Ward Thomas team are all experts who take a great sense of pride in their work. We provide them with the best tools and equipment so they can undertake any removals or storage job. They know by experience that specific items need individual protective wrapping to ensure that the packaging doesn’t cause damage during the move.

When we receive feedback from our customers, they always tell us that we’re the only company they trust to take care of their valuable belongings. By booking with us, they have the peace of mind that we will pack everything correctly. Moreover, we will handle their belongings with the utmost care and attention. It’s all part of our Quality Policy and a continuous strive to provide the highest standard of service delivery possible.

Anthony Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage providers. We do everything possible to ensure our customers receive the best level of customer service. If you want to know more about our range of removals services, please contact us today.