Keeping Your Property in London when Relocating

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Over the last decade, thousands of people have sold their London properties to fund a move to quieter surroundings. At times, the pace of living in the capital can get too much. With the excellent transport links, it’s still possible to live in a neighbouring county and visit London. People often commute to work every day from places like Guildford with a travel time of an hour each way.

However, there are lots of excellent reasons to retain your property in London rather than selling up. It’s a growing trend amount ex-Londoners to keep one foot in London, at least on the property ladder. Many people are retaining their houses and apartments and buying a second home or renting.

The Advantages of Retaining Your Property in London –

There is any number of reasons why people relocate. Some get job offers in counties close to London, and it makes more sense to move there. Other times, it can be for family reasons or just to live somewhere quieter than London. No matter what your reasons are, you should consider keeping your London residence

If you have a property in a sought-after part of London, your house or apartment is a solid investment. It won’t just retain its value. Even during modest housing market trends, many affluent parts of London bounce back and make steady profits.

There is also the issue of returning to London if your relocation doesn’t work out. If you sell up, you must start again by finding a suitable property. Buying a new home is not an easy task, and you may end up paying a similar price for a property that is substandard in comparison to your current one.

A lot of people who retain their London home often put the property in the rental market. This represents an excellent opportunity to make a second income, which could fund the rental or purchase of a second house or apartment in your new location.

A Small Moves Service is the Ideal Removals Option –

Like all our services, Ward Thomas has a superior package than other man & van services. Our Small Vans for Small Moves service is the ideal solution for people who keep their London property. A lot of the time, people who do this leave behind furniture if they plan on renting the property out or keeping it as a functioning second home.

The smaller vehicles make it much easier to navigate busy traffic periods and inner-city congestion. And using this service can save you money. The Small Vans for Small Moves service charges by the hour, so you only pay for what you use. You will also have two members of our team to help when offloading at the new location.

Our Small Vans for Small Moves service goes beyond a typical man & van package. This is down to our ability to move fragile and valuable items. We work with people in some of the most exclusive areas of London, so we understand the different needs of our clients. Their items must be treated on an individual basis, and it must be packed accordingly.

The Ward Thomas team are all trained for specialist types of packing for fragile and expensive items. We regularly move people who have precious artwork and antique furniture, and it’s our job to get it to your new home.

Ward Thomas – London’s Premium Removals Provider –

Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage company. We provide the best level of service to people who only accept 100%. The Ward Thomas team moves hundreds of people every month, and they all receive a premium level of service. Customer service is our number one priority, and everything we do flows from this ethos. We offer a quality of service that most companies can’t compete with.

The Ward Thomas team are all experts in removals and storage, and we have specialist equipment to move large and complex items. It’s all part of our commitment to the highest level of customer service. If you hire the right people and equip them correctly, you can achieve excellent results on every job.

Ward Thomas works with thousands of London’s residents every year for their removals and storage needs. The main reason they book with us is our ability to take care of their valuable belongings are safe when in transit. When our customers book with us, they have the peace of mind that we will pack everything correctly and handle with the utmost care and attention.

Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage company. We provide the best level of service to people who only accept 100%. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss our range of services.