AWT Sea freight shipping 

The Anthony Ward Thomas sea freight option is an exceptional service providing long-distance moves for which other forms of transport would be unacceptably costly. We’ll export-wrap everything you’re taking abroad and bring it all to our depot in preparation for its overseas journey. At this stage, we then label every box and item of furniture and draw up an export inventory. You will be issued with a copy. Then, your entire inventory is placed carefully into a sea container and driven to the most appropriate port for its ultimate destination. From there, it sails away, with everything in it wrapped for protection from both the elements and the journey. At customs, AWT-approved personnel will help get your goods cleared and then readied for their onward journey to your new home.

Relocating abroad with Anthony Ward Thomas’s sea freight service is the best way of ensuring that at every juncture of your move, honest, trustworthy and fully trained professionals are handling the work. We can provide packers and antique-handling experts should you be moving beloved, irreplaceable items of furniture. Our packing materials are designed to withstand any unexpected turbulence on the high seas, so that you can relax. Your precious belongings are fully assessed at inventory stage so that they’re packaged in the best possible housing for the voyage.