International Moves by Road/Truck

Anthony Ward Thomas’s international service, using our own fully-vetted personnel and state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment, is ideal for moves by road/truck. We’ll pack up your belongings and load them into exactly the right lorry to match the specifics of your move. And everything’s arranged according to your convenience rather than ours. As you may have discovered, some of our competitors nominate a moving date that suits them. We prefer to pack up your possessions and then deliver them at their destination on dates that work for you. In addition to our home moves, we also have a white-glove service for people whose worldly goods need special care. As well as unloading and unpacking all your boxes at their destination, we can place furniture exactly where you want it and take away any rubbish.

Our road/truck international moves and white-glove service are perfect if you need a French or Swiss ski chalet or lodge to be furnished for a Christmas trip. We also move people to Malta, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Benelux countries and many, many more countries.

Anthony Ward Thomas can look after every aspect of your road/truck international move. This includes supplying packing materials, doing all the packing, handling bureaucracy relating to customs and unpacking everything at the other end of the journey. We’re the final word in reliability and safety, treating everything you own with exceptional care and consideration. Our storage facilities can come in extremely useful if you’re moving abroad but not taking everything with you. International moves by road are perfect for short- or medium-haul destinations. In comparison to moves by air freight, they are far less costly. Throughout the process, Anthony Ward Thomas’s moving planners, packers and drivers will ensure that your goods are fully protected, so that they’re able to withstand the journey and any unexpected road/weather conditions.