International Part-load and groupage service

Moving overseas using Anthony Ward Thomas’s part-load service cuts the overall cost of your move without any sacrifice in terms of quality or efficiency. While there is a longer journey time when your goods travel as part of a shared consignment, we can take this into account when planning your move, so that it has no negative impact on your overall experience. Part-loads mean that moving costs are split between customers – an excellent choice, especially if you’re only packing up a small flat or studio. Our thoroughly trained, unfailingly courteous movers will still give your job all the same care and attention they’d bring to any other assignment. We have a steady flow of vehicles travelling to and from the Continent every week, so part-load services are available all the time.

We can handle all your packing and then get your boxes ready for their journey by part-load shipment, whether you choose road or sea. At the other end of the journey, everything gets unloaded and divided back into individual shipments which then travel on to be reunited with their owners. Part-load moving is perfect for an array of clients, including those who are just moving a few items of furniture between homes. Anthony Ward Thomas’s additional services include storage facilities, so if your move requires that some goods go with you and some to stay over here, then our spotless storage warehouses may be just the answer.