Removals To Germany

Fast, efficient, high-quality removals to Germany from the UK are exactly what Ward Thomas’s international removals service is for. Accruing knowledge and skill over several decades, we’ve got it down to a fine art and have all the specialist equipment needed for a stress-free relocation. Not only that, we can also look after the thorny and complicated customs issues, including any paperwork/bureaucratic requirements that arise. So whether you’re moving a big house or just a small studio (or even just one sole item of furniture), we’ll make sure it all happens as planned. Our personnel include German-speaking movers and planners and we’re part of the Master Removers Group, a name synonymous with dependability and trust.

Moving almost everything you own from the UK to Germany can be a daunting prospect. Ward Thomas will ensure that nothing gets damaged en route and that everything arrives at your door not only in the same state in which it left but also on the agreed date at the agreed time. We move between the UK and Germany every day, every week, and no matter the size of your move, it’ll be undertaken with immense care and faultless attention to detail. Our movers and drivers can also unload all the boxes and then unpack each item, placing it just where you want in your destination property.

Whether it’s a holiday cottage in Heidelberg, an apartment in Munich, a six-month assignment in Frankfurt or a long-term position in Berlin, Ward Thomas’s international moves can look after every aspect of your move. Alternatively, you can pick and choose, perhaps doing the packing yourself but using our services for the other tasks. There’s an array of related AWT moving services that can help you have a low-stress relocation.

Part-loads to Germany

The AWT part-loads service entails placing your possessions in a shared consignment, meaning that they share the journey with other clients’ belongings, giving you a service that’s less expensive. The part-loads service means that all customers can avail themselves of Ward Thomas international removals, no matter the restrictions of their budget.

Moving from Germany to the UK

If and when the time comes to come home, Ward Thomas removals from Germany to the UK can bring you the exact same service in reverse. Everything still applies; all sizes of removals jobs are welcome, even if you’re merely returning a few items of furniture from Germany to the UK.