European Removals

If you’re moving to Europe (or back to the UK), you’ll want to take advantage of our excellent removals services. We go almost everywhere, including but not limited to Spain, Gibraltar, France, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and Germany. Moving to Europe with Anthony Ward Thomas can be done either individually or by asking us to consolidate your goods with others to form a group consignment.

Moving to Europe

All the sweat and toil is taken off your hands – our European removals services will pack your belongings professionally (with a keen grasp of how to handle valuable or fragile items) and look after them during the loading and transportation processes. And we’re unfazed by grand pianos and large cars, so there’s nothing to worry about. Moving to Europe has never been so easy.

We’re also very particular about using our own people at every stage of your move, giving you a start-to-finish Anthony Ward Thomas service rather than employing personnel from other companies to paper over gaps in our own expertise and experience. When you take on Anthony Ward Thomas European removals, then that’s exactly what you’re getting, including multi-lingual help at your destination and all the support you could possibly want to help you set up your new home.

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