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Anthony Ward Thomas International Removals 

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Seamless International Removals

We bring all the expertise and know-how of our domestic removals services to our international moves. We have an active global network of trusted personnel, all of them ready to ensure that your overseas relocation goes smoothly and safely. If you’re leaving the country or returning to it, we’ll arrange a service that takes into account all the details, requirements and quirks of the job, since no move is the same.

Our international moves are planned with an emphasis on making them as free of stress for you as possible. All the knowledge we’ve accrued over several decades comes together to create an experience that’s notable for its courtesy, its efficiency and its reliability.

The International Removals Destinations

International Removals ServiceThe Master Remover Group of which we’re a part is among the UK’s largest and most successful moving companies. We look after more than 10,000 removals assignments annually and have scores of UK depots and personnel stretching from Europe to Australia, the States, China, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Africa, New Zealand and more. No aspect of your move will be passed over to unknown, third-party workers. Instead, we make sure that every juncture of the job is looked after by stringently vetted partners, ensuring that at no point do your goods land in unsafe or untrustworthy hands.


Moving Overseas With Confidence

It would be a lie to say that relocating to another country or coming back after a spell abroad is an experience entirely free of worry or stress. However, with Anthony Ward Thomas, what stress there is is entirely passed over to us, so that you don’t have to deal with it. Instead, you can focus your energies on your own life while we look after the details. Every aspect of moving can be delegated to us, including all the strategising, the purchasing of packing materials and the packing up of belongings. We can then install your boxes in shipping containers and unload them at the other end, placing all the boxes in the corresponding rooms at your destination and then unpacking them, too.

We have forward-planning teams who will be scrupulously thorough in working out how best to handle your move, ensuring that everything is looked after, including any bureaucratic obligations relating to customs. You can begin your international relocation by just picking up the telephone and requesting a consultation or arranging for us to visit you at home. You’ll be issued with a free quotation that comes with no obligation and is straightforward and easy to understand rather than drowning in jargon. The quote will take into account all the specific details of your move, in terms of its size, its budget and its timing. You’ll see our clear, step-by-step strategy for moving you and your belongings from point A to point B.

The seemingly endless minutiae and pinning down of details can make a move of any kind seem overwhelming. But as soon as you hand it to Anthony Ward Thomas, that worry is over. We make sure that everything is in control. We can also support you with the completing of forms and the getting together of documentation, plus any kind of customs negotiations. Our AWT International check-list will be issued to you; you’ll find it an invaluable asset in terms of making sure nothing gets forgotten or overlooked. Throughout your moving experience, we’ll always be at the end of the telephone with tips, advice and guidance.


Anthony Ward Thomas International is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). This means that we’re compelled to maintain excellent standards. In fact, we do our best not only to meet them but to go far beyond. Consequently, our clients can relax, safe in the knowledge that their move has been entrusted to the highest possible levels of care, consideration and professionalism. Moving overseas is demanding

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