Interior design trends for 2024 

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Influenced by sustainability and digital integration, London’s interior design scene for the future demonstrates an interest in natural, sustainable, and durable styles. Multifunctionality and hybrid working and living spaces drive storage space solutions and extendable, concealable furniture choices. Off-the-shelf, disposable furniture is out of taste as authentic, original, and reclaimed pieces become much more desirable.  Statement walls, ceilings, and floors are finding their way into homes.  Murals, bold tiles, and painted floors give unapologetic expression to interior surfaces. While smart technology is adding edge and functionality to homes and lighting, there is also a return to craftsmanship and bespoke pieces of furniture.  While lighting may be smart and LED, there is a trend to have artisan lampshades from paper and natural materials. Here are 7 trends that will continue to shape the future of London interiors. 


  1. WabiSabi 
  2. Country haven 
  3. Minimaluxe
  4. Maximalism
  5. Brutalism 
  6. Dopamine Decor 
  7. A return to craftsmanship 
  8. Interior design staging with Anthony Ward Thomas 

1-Wabi Sabi 

A timeless Japanese aesthetic, Wabi Sabi embraces the flaws that present themselves in natural form and celebrates them.  Simplicity with a natural touch in a bedrock of tasteful minimalism.  Instead of high spec, this style finds fulfillment in imperfection and understatement. For interior features consider ceramics, wood, and stone furnishings, and don’t be afraid to showcase simple restoration work on much-loved pieces. 

2-Country haven 

While the over rustic- ification of the last years is a little worn out stylistically, farmhouse style still presents itself in forthcoming trends. Think solid oak tables, exposed beams, and old wooden dressers, that can create a sense of country purity within the city.  Contrasting smart features and digital edge with classic rough-cut oak has a grounding and balancing effect, producing a sense of comfort and ease.  Sourcing heritage pieces in reclamation yards and antique shops and then processing them with sanding and oiling can provide excellent signature pieces to build from. Country haven doesn’t have to refer to traditional English country styles, but also showcases all of Europe’s sense of rustic and refined.  


In the last year, designers have been expanding the palette of minimalism to add some punchy accents.  While minimalism emphasizes the value of less, minimaluxe introduces cherished items to be celebrated in the open space of a minimal setup. Contrasts of wood and concrete, plants, and industrial features create a sense of luxury that can be focused on celebrated pieces that indicate quality and finesse.  Subtle contrasts compile an overall sense of luxury without impeding the feeling of simple spaciousness. Blending minimalism and Japandi with highlights of gold can give you an overall sense of the direction this is taking. 


A bolder move across the spectrum from minimalism, maximalism delights in a more-is-more approach. Drama and excitement are curated through layers of style, objects, and excessive décor. Mixing period styles and conventions, maximalism is the realm of personality and self-expression.  Bold colours and schemes with luxurious fabrics, finishes, and fixtures give permission to go beyond the anemic trends of minimalism and simplicity.  Giving interiors an injection of vivacity, maximalism plays with a sense of excess while keeping a coherent theme throughout the interior. 


The increasing appeal of raw concrete floors and walls keeps a brutalist edge still on trend as we move into 2024.  Brutalism has peaked and plateaued throughout the 20th century, but the appeal of interior concrete doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.  Unfinished plaster walls and concrete floors mix well with biophilic plant-loving trends and natural fabrics and fibers.  As the style mutates from its mid-century origins, the bold unfinished look provides relevant contrasts in the emerging styles of the future. Reconciling urban and industrial, concrete and its many applications provides a great canvas to explore other expressions.  Signifying a break from fussy interiors and fine finishes it works well in hybrid domestic and office spaces with lavish arrangements of climbing plants. 

6-Dopamine Décor 

A 2023 style, it seems like further exploration of dopamine décor is on the cards for 2024. Bold vibrant colours accent environments to trigger joy and play in the home.  With the Barbiecore aesthetic still infusing pink into everything, we are yet to see even more celebration of whimsy and wonder in new interiors.  Permission to go all out on bright colours is granted and how to incorporate them is the creative challenge.  A reaction to a decade of greys and semi-neutrals? While Barbiecore is clearly not to everyone’s taste, dopamine décor does bring something of the psychedelic back into play which resounds heartily with vintage enthusiasts.  Using the colour wheel and playing with opposites can generate the bright hues that will determine your dopamine décor palette.  Finding vintage one-off pieces in antique markets is a solid way to ensure dopamine releases daily. 

7- A return to craftsmanship

In a disposable world saturated with cheap production, interior design urges a reclamation of traditional form and craft. Admiration for the artisanal is finding its way into modern fittings and fixtures.  When furniture is mass-produced, having original pieces that are restored and cared for ensures individuality and is in line with sustainability.  Craftmanship has never gone out of fashion for some, as it has always been celebrated across the centuries.  At Anthony Ward Thomas we specialize in caring for what is valuable in art and crafts with our bespoke removals service. Our fine art logistics team provides a dedicated service that ranges from picture hanging to handling fine art, sculpture, and antiques for exhibition as well as for domestic home moves. 

8- Interior design staging with Anthony Ward Thomas 

Our interior design team can assist you in preparing a home for sale, with our high-end staging service, or preparing a new home in advance of your arrival. Our background in working with art and artisanal furniture affords us the scope to bring to the fore the best in contemporary design. We can ensure that your home is best presented for sale, or a fresh start.  With a talented international design team, we are happy to assist and advise in this field. Our property management team can also be on hand on either side of a move , and if you are considering the rental options of a property.  In addition to our removals and storage services, we have a wide range of specialist services, to which we apply the same standards of expertise, quality, and assurance. 

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