Ideas for Making Your London Home More Environmentally Friendly

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More people in London are becoming increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment. London has been under a thick cloud of pollution for many years, but it’s now taking serious steps to do something about that. Major changes are indeed necessary at the top of the pile from corporations. However, we can all do our part, and that’s why a lot of people are looking into ways to become eco-friendlier.

In addition to reducing our carbon impact, eco-friendly homes also save money per month by retaining more energy. Even by improving your house’s insulation, you can save hundreds of pounds each year, even more, if you install a new boiler. Your home will also be warmer in the colder autumn and winter months because less energy will be lost.

Making Your Home More Environmentally Friendly with Renewable Energy –

Even without the government subsidies for things like installing solar panels, it still makes financial sense to consider this renewable energy source. And in the long run, you will reduce your monthly utility bills and carbon output. Solar energy panels have come a long way in the last thirty years, and even the colder, cloudier parts of England can utilise solar power.

Solar panels are usually installed on rooftops to get the most benefit from the sun, in addition to them being active. New solar panel designs are coming onto the market, most notably the solar shingles. Solar energy is diverse in its design and application, with technology such as solar water heating. This is an alternative to central gas heating which would either replace this system or as an easement between the two types.

Although most people use an installer, it’s possible to fit your own solar panels. And Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of services to make your DIY renewable energy project a success. Our Small Vans removals service is ideal for transporting the solar panels and installation tools. You can also use our self storage units to house all equipment as you upgrade your property. Renewable energy products are expensive, and storage is the ideal way to protect them from damage or theft.

Energy Saving Tips for Your London Home –

Replace or repair your boiler – although you’ll have to make a substantial initial investment, you’ll enjoy significant savings in a year or two. An inefficient boiler than requires maintenance will increase your energy consumption, which is where your carbon footprint will suffer. If you replace or repair your boiler, you’re well on your way to reducing your carbon output. And if you really want to go greener, have a look into biomass and condensing boilers.

Improve or introduce effective insulation – improving your insulation is an excellent way to reduce overuse of your central heating. To do that, a home energy auditor can assess and identify areas where insulation is lacking, and air sealing is required. This will work in conjunction with your new boiler to reduce your energy consumption.

Change all light bulbs to energy saving – a simple but effective way to move towards a greener home. Most incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy, so replacing them with LED or CFL light bulbs will help to lower your overall consumption. And you also need to switch off any lights wherever possible.

Seal all windows and doors – if you have older windows and doors, the seal may have worn out. Additionally, the wood or plastic could have cracks which allow damp or water in. You can replace or repair them, but you should always re-seal around each window and door. Double glazing isn’t cheap, but it will save you a fortune in the months and years ahead.

Be smarter with usage – at times, we’re all guilty of leaving an appliance or light on when it’s not in use. If you’re more vigilant, you’ll be able to reduce your energy consumption just by switching devices off. Same with any lights when you’re not in the room. And remember – a TV or computer that’s on standby is still on.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Working Towards a Positive Change for Our Environment –

Now that the ULEZ zone in London has begun, in addition to the recent ban on single-use plastic, we’re heading in the right direction. More households and workspaces continue to become greener and are actively reducing their carbon consumption.

Installing renewable energy devices will inevitably have some initial upfront costs.  However, you’ll save money in a relatively short period of time. Your investment is part of a long-term plan of reducing energy consumption.  And this is good for the environment and your bank account.

Anthony Ward Thomas works with hundreds of domestic and business customers who are making positive, eco-friendly steps. Every process we undertake as a business promotes efficiency and recycling. We’re here to help London move further towards a carbon-neutral era.

If you would like to discuss our removals services for a DIY project, contact us today. We have the right service to you reduce your energy consumption and carbon output.