A Hundred Years of Home Removals

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Relocation in 2017 is something that thousands of London’s residents are very familiar with. Tens of thousands of people have migrated to the capital, either from a different part of the UK or from abroad, to take part in the collective London experience, where culture, entrepreneurship, education, history, a variety of specialist employment sectors and jobs, and an unparalleled nightlife makes relocating to London a lifetime’s ambition for many.

The actual process of relocation has evolved dramatically since Ward-Thomas was established as London’s prestige removals company, and to try and give offer a proper context of the history of the removals sector, we would need to look back to the Industrial Revolution as a loose starting point of the removals industry.

The second Industrial Revolution saw the infrastructure of Britain improve in leaps and bounds, and due to the high increase in population and living standards, the lure of people to relocate and move towards what would later become major cities began, as did the need to transport their possessions and other goods around the country.

However, it wasn’t until the turn of the Twentieth-Century that an association was formed to regulate the removals industry, and what we now called BAR (British Association of Removals) was established over a hundred years ago.

Moving forward to the latter parts of the Twentieth-Century, just under thirty years ago, Anthony Ward-Thomas was struggling to find a reputable removals company that could provide a decent level of customer service, and he decided that enough was enough. With one van and the vision to start his own removals company, that could provide the customer service that met his high standards, year-by-year, he built his company into what is now known as London’s best removals company.

Since then, Ward-Thomas has built its reputation as London’s prestige removals company by ensuring that every single removals job that is undertaken is fully mapped out and planned to the finest detail, that every item is packed correctly, and the Ward-Thomas team are made up of professional removals experts. The correct packing materials are used for each item, specialist removals equipment is on hand, which includes hoists and wheels for piano removals, and specialist care and attention is made for fragile possessions.

Ward-Thomas is renowned for our ability to move niche items, such as grand pianos, fine art, fragile goods, and ensure that every item arrives at your end destination in the exact condition it was before it was packed. Our dedication, our premium level of customer service, our planning and meticulous attention to detail for every job we undertake is what puts Ward-Thomas into a different league for removals. We employ a team of specialists, who take great pride in every job they do and the company they work for.

Every job we undertake we guarantee it will have the Anthony Ward-Thomas seal of approval when we’re finished.

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