The Latest Home Technology Innovations, Making Your London Home “Smarter”

by | Aug 7, 2017 | News | 0 comments

Technology continues to make impressive progress, and the best example of this is Smart Home technology. Smart Home technology is a real-life example of how innovation can be used in our everyday lives. How we use our living spaces ties in with our tastes and our daily schedules. Busy people need technology to make their time more efficient, but Smart Home ready devices also highlight what we desire and want our homes to offer.

It’s time to sit up and take notice of Smart Home technology and the benefits of having automated controls that can be operated by your Android in IOS. Savvy people in London have always been at the forefront of progress and innovation, and the rise of Smart Home technology will continue in the capital.


The Future of your Home is Now – 

This isn’t science fiction – with Smart Home technology, you can automate every function of your property. You can open your blinds, dim the lights, set the temperature on the thermostat, and much more. There’s an entirely new market of appliances that can now be operated by an app as well as being voice-activated.

One of the big plus points for people who are environmentally friendly is that Smart Home technology has advanced to the point where it has a zero-carbon footprint. It’s difficult to comprehend how it’s possible, but Smart Home technology is the future, now.


Best Smart Home Products – 

Although we’re still getting to grips with Smart Home technology ourselves, we have a few products that we think are setting the standard:

Sleep Number It Bed – ever wanted to improve your sleep patterns? Sleep Number It Bed not only monitors your sleeping habits, but it also tracks your heart rate and offers suggestions on how to improve your sleep. It also has a feature where you can control how firm or soft your mattress is.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator – although this one is at the to-end price-wise, this is a fantastic appliance. You can log the contents with images and record use by dates. It has a note system, you can order groceries, it even has a screen where you can watch TV or listen to music.

Roost Smart Battery – a CO2 and smoke alarm device that sends an alert to your smart phone when it sounds. It then gives you an option where you can get straight through to 999. In addition, in the case of an error, silence the alarm.

Nest Learning Thermostat – this piece of kit entirely regulates and connects with your boiler and every radiator in your house. There are so many features that can save you energy and money, but one of our favourite features is its schedule function. This records your energy usage patterns to automate when to turn the heating on or off.


Ward Thomas – the Innovative Removals Company – 

At Ward Thomas, we’re big fans of innovation and progress. Like a lot of technology, our company started off from very humble beginnings to create something that didn’t exist. With one van, Anthony Ward Thomas had the vision to create a removals company that attained a high quality of service. Now Ward Thomas is London’s favourite removals and storage provider, and this is still our number one priority.

If you’re planning on moving into a home that has an automated Smart Home technology system, then look no further than Ward Thomas. We cover the whole of London and the Ward Thomas team are experts in their field. If you have large items, we have the right equipment to move it into any property. Fragile and expensive items need specific packaging – we know that because we specialise in transporting these delicate items.