Home Inventory Apps and Other Useful Moving in London Tips

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When you start planning your upcoming relocation, it pays to book with the correct removals company that can meet your needs in London. A reliable and reputable removals company will do more than just turn up on the day of the move. The best removals providers always go out of their way to help their customers plan their relocation. That means helping you choose the right day to undertake your relocation, in addition to guiding you through a moving checklist to ensure you are ready.

Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals company, and we come with a pedigree that other companies in the area are unable to compete with. Our team will make sure that you are on track as you lead up to the big day. And part of making sure you take the right preparation is creating an inventory of your possessions.

The Benefits of Home Inventory Apps –

There are lots of different ways that you can create an inventory of your possessions. But why bother with a pen and paper or a Word document when there’s technology that will do it for you? The modern way of doing this is a home inventory app. They’re available for Smartphone and Apple devices, and they’re cheap or free to download.

Although there are several different apps to choose from, most have similar functions that allow you to take a photo of each item. You then write a short description of each entry, as well as categorising them by the room they’re in. And when you begin to pack everything away, you can assign each box a code. Then you can update each item with that code, which will be essential when it comes to unpacking your items.

It’s also wise to contact your insurance broker to check the specifics of your contents package. You should mention that you plan on relocating, and they’ll advise if you need to increase your premium to cover all eventualities. You can send your insurance provider your inventory list, which will speed up the process.

By the time you finish creating your home inventory list, you will know exactly how many pieces of furniture and appliances you have. You can also share this list with us so that we can assign the most suitable removals vehicle for you.


Other Useful Tips When Relocating in London –

Whether you’re moving to London, a nearby county or to another part of the UK, Ward Thomas is the correct choice. We will assist you to ensure you have done enough preparation before the week of your relocation. As with anything, the earlier you start planning your relocation, the smoother things will go when the day arrives.

You should start with a thorough clean and declutter of your house, garage and loft. If it’s possible to reduce the number of items you’re moving with, it will be a more efficient relocation. Plus, you don’t want to drag old furniture and appliances to your new home. It’s better to start afresh and buy new items to suit your new house’s décor.

The most popular day for relocations is typically a Friday, which means this is also Ward Thomas’s busiest day. People usually do this, so they can move and unpack over the weekend to avoid taking more days off work. However, it can occasionally cause issues if your mortgage payment doesn’t go through in time. If you choose a day earlier in the week, you have time to rectify any small problems.

Finally – make sure you keep in contact with the important people who are facilitating your relocation. We will be available throughout your move, but you should also keep in touch with the seller, your estate agent and mortgage broker. And if there is an unforeseen delay in moving dates, Ward Thomas has a range of storage options to keep your possessions safe and secure.


Ward Thomas – London’s Favourite Removals Provider –

At Ward Thomas, customer service is our number one priority. We believe that everything works better when we see things from our customers’ perspective. Our clients can trust us with valuable items and fine art. We specialise in safeguarding fragile and often irreplaceable furniture and artwork against any damage in transit.

The Ward Thomas team are experts who take a great sense of pride in their work. They have the best tools and equipment needed to undertake any removals or storage job. Ward Thomas is BAR accredited, which means we guarantee to provide a high standard of service, as well as protecting our customers’ interests.

Ward Thomas has a new dedicated National Moving service for removals outside of London. Additionally, we can move you anywhere in UK, Europe and around the world. Through our partners in the Master Removers Group, we have a network of the very best removals, storage and logistics companies in the UK. This means we can offer the same level of customer service for national and international moves.

Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage company. We provide the best level of service to people in London and the surrounding areas. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss our range of services.