Anthony Ward Thomas – The Highest Rated Moving Company in London

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Finding a reliable removals company with a strong reputation in London can be tricky as there are lots to dig through to find the right one. Online reviews are now an essential tool for anyone who’s organising a relocation, but word of mouth is just as important. It’s worth doing any extra effort and research to ensure that your possessions are in the hands of a company with vast expertise.

Most Anthony Ward Thomas customers are looking for a higher standard of service that a majority of other removals companies can’t attain. This is most often because of how valuable the items are, as well as any additional specifications for individual pieces. To meet these lofty targets, we only work with experts to professionally pack and relocate our customer’s goods.

Choosing `the Best Removals Company in London –

It won’t come as a surprise that there lots of removals and storage companies to choose from in London. And while having this option is handy, it also means a lot more to dig through before you find the right one. Before you book your upcoming removals service, you must take the time to find a reliable and reputable provider. So how do you go about this?

Many years ago, it was harder to find out what a company was like until after the job. Now there are rating platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot, in addition to Facebook and other similar sites. If you’re not familiar with a rating platform, they work like this. People can go onto a company’s Google Live profile and give them a rating out of five. Then, they can also leave a comment to accompany their score. You can see Anthony Ward Thomas’s five-star reviews here.

One of the things that makes Anthony Ward Thomas London’s best removals company is our ethos. We will only accept the highest level of customer service for each job we take on. Our goal is to go above and beyond the expectations of each client we work with. And to reach that standard, we have a range of services and packages for our customers to choose from.

Anthony Ward Thomas only works with experts who have years of experience and specialist training in Removals. Every member of our team understands that correct packing is crucial to protecting valuable and fragile items. Even the type of packaging materials we use is critical to maintaining the things we relocate. It’s this attention to detail that makes our customers trust us with their valuable possessions.

Premium Man & Van and Home Removals Services –

Anthony Ward Thomas has two primary removals services that cover the specifications for most relocations. We have our premium version of a man with a van service, as well as our domestic removals package, which covers a variety of sizes of the vehicle up from man and van. After that, there are more in-depth specialist removals packages that we utilise depending on each situation.

Our Small Moves service is a premium level man and van package that is ideal for smaller houses and apartments. The vans are better at parking on busy inner-city streets, and you won’t have any issues with blocking the road with a large vehicle. This service comes with two of our expert team members to do all the loading and unpacking.

For properties with three bedrooms or more, we will suggest using our Home Removals service. However, this is also valid for people in smaller homes if they have possessions that take up more space in the removal’s van. Our Home Removals service can get the entire load done in one journey. And our team will plan everything in detail to ensure we cause a minimal amount of interruption.

Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of core and specialist removals services that covers every relocation type you can think of. We have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal, making it feasible to take on any removals job. Our team have state of the art equipment and tools, making it possible to manoeuvre any type of furniture from any given situation.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Prestige Removals Company –

Anthony Ward Thomas moves tens of thousands of people in London every year. When other removals companies mention their range of services, it’s a bit different in comparison to our primary and specialists service. No other company can provide the high standards of service delivery that we attain.  And your valuable possessions will be completely safe from breakages and damage during your relocation.

Achieving the highest standard of customer service is the foundation of Anthony Ward Thomas’s ethos. Our number one goal is to provide the very best removals and storage service possible in London and the UK. We’re the capital’s number one removals and storage provider, offering a range of premium packages you won’t find anywhere else.

Customer service is of paramount importance to our company, and it determines everything we offer our clients. Every removals and storage package provide more options for our customers. Moreover, we’re confident that you’ll know you made the right choice when you reach your new location.

If you would like more information about London’s highest rated removals company, please contact us today. We’ll gladly go into more detail about our removal’s packages and related services.