High-Quality European Removals from London

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If you’re considering moving to Europe, you’ll have many things to cover before you set foot in your new city, town, or village. And it’s necessary to work with a credible removals company that protects your valuables during transit. Moreover, they need to remove the hassle from the situation by taking on tasks if you’re struggling to find the time. But is this high level of service a realistic endeavour or asking a bit much?

Fortunately, you can relax – thanks to Anthony Ward Thomas, and you’ll enjoy a high-quality European removal service. Our experts can handle every aspect of your relocation, from packing and transporting your belongings to settling you in at your new home. So, whether you’re headed to Paris, Berlin or anywhere in between, why not let the pros take care of it? Check out our guide for more details on how we make this possible.

Why European Removals Can Be a Great Option –

If you’re one of the many people who have made the decision to move to Europe, you’ll need to hire a removals company that can help with the transition. The problem is that most removals companies offer high-quality services that can make your move more straightforward. But this doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily receive what you pay for.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right company, as not all of them are created equal. We’ll cover how you can find a reputable service provider before using them later. For now, we’ll start by laying out the foundations of the removal service and the steps you’ll need to take. Whenever you add miles to a relocation, it comes with additional risks to mitigate.

By working with Anthony Ward Thomas, you’ll have us in your corner for every stage of your move. This includes the organisation side of the process, where we’ll give you reminders and prompts. That way, you’ll avoid any issues and won’t forget a crucial task. Furthermore, you can tailor your removal package to meet your exact needs.

What to Expect During the Moving Process –

If you’re in the process of moving to Europe from London, you’re likely wondering what to expect during the moving process. While every move is different, some things are common across the board. We’ll give you a basic overview of what to expect when moving to Europe. Let’s start with the choices you have when it comes to the specific aspects you can choose from.

One of the biggest concerns is shipping your belongings when moving overseas. How will all my stuff get from Point A to Point B? Then there are the customs regulations that can be confusing and even overwhelming, not to mention a critical consideration. Luckily, you’re already warming to the idea of booking with London’s premium moving company, and we have experience in each part of international relocations.

Just in case you’re still on the fence, this is why you should book with a reputable moving company:

1) We have experience moving people to and within Europe and doing so every week.

2) We know the ins and outs of the various European countries, so they can help you choose the right destination for you. This includes specific services to France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Belgium. However, that’s not exhaustive – we can relocate you to any city, town, and village on the continent.

3) We’ll help with your move logistics, from packing to shipping your belongings. This includes a Crate Hire add-on.

4) There’s a dedicated support team to guide you throughout the move.

5) Our unrivalled level of customer service – read more on that further down this article.

6) A range of specialist services, including Fragile Removals, Piano Removals, Fine Art and Antique Removals and many more.

Tips for Making the Move as Smooth as Possible –

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Europe is a vast continent with many different cultures and lifestyles to choose from, so it’s essential to do your research and find the right fit for you. We’ve got you covered, from figuring out your visa requirements to finding a place to live. Now it’s time to delve into the details about making sure you have a blueprint for the entire relocation.

You need to create a moving checklist, and it should include the following actions:

  • List every task for your relocation.
  • Use a blank calendar to map a timeline.
  • Assign tasks from the list on a calendar.
  • Research removals companies and seek quotes.
  • Check online ratings on Google and Trustpilot.
  • Balance the two and choose the most suitable company.
  • Book your relocation to Europe with Anthony Ward Thomas.
  • Contact utility providers and council to relay departure details and dates.
  • Ensure you research how to apply for visas and property rental/ownership information.
  • Start learning the relevant language and research more about your new location.
  • Double-check each point two weeks before your move.

It’s never easy to move overseas, but you can make it less stressful with some planning and execution. First off, break the larger task into smaller chunks for ease of completion (think about how long tasks would take if done all at once). Tick off each action point from your checklist as you complete them, so there aren’t any surprises.

Finally, set up a timeline by using checklists and the black calendar, where you can assign duties for each week. Don’t forget to start putting together a costed budget that includes flights and taxis at both ends. Also, remember to consider specific relevant points, such as healthcare and education provisions in your new location.

Using Self Storage for Overseas Moves – 

Moving internationally can be difficult and expensive, so it’s wise to have a backup plan to cover all eventualities. Storage units are great because they store all your belongings while you organise your upcoming relocation. This gives you more space at home for packing because you can remove each full container and object out of the way until your moving day.

You might think that moving across the world would be an easy task, but many factors to consider. You never know if it’ll work out or how long everything will take until completion. That’s one reason people keep their items in England for at least six months before shipping everything over to their new home. For some, this might be a temporary move for work, and they need somewhere secure for their possessions.

Moving abroad is an exciting adventure but knowing what you need before travelling can be challenging. Anthony Ward Thomas understands this process well and has years of experience with storage options for those moving or planning on going overseas soon. Our self storage units range from small spaces big enough to accommodate one person at a time all way up to a household’s worth of items. Regardless of your circumstances, we’ll ensure your belongings are safe and secure until the ideal time for you.

Documentation for Post-Brexit European Relocation – 

As you probably already realise, there are new rules about owning property in Europe. This aligns with post-Brexit visa regulations for visas and applies to renting out your home or apartment while visiting another country outside of Schengen Area countries (including most EU member states). You can read the UK government’s guidance here, which breaks down each point you need to consider.

We often get asked when talking about travel abroad: “How do I find myself a place?” The good news is that you can still buy properties abroad if they meet specific qualifications. But be aware that these conditions now differ depending on whether permanently resident elsewhere for more than a certain period. You’ll need to determine this from the outset before making any financial commitments.

Before applying, it’s important to know the difference between temporary, semi-permanent or permanent residence. The length of your stay will determine which one you qualify for and how much time it takes from submitting all necessary paperwork and documents at once. There will usually be different taxes applicable for things like homeownership. We would advise searching for an expert in this field online.

How to Choose the Right Company for Your Move –

When you’re looking to move abroad, it’s crucial that everything goes smoothly and without any hiccups. We rely on experience for international relocations within the UK and overseas moves – which means there is no room for errors. The typical Anthony Ward Thomas customer will seek to add safeguards for their particular possessions and valuables. This means we have to get it right the first time.

Google Reviews and Trustpilot ratings are a great way to determine previous customers’ thoughts about any service provider. Read reviews from former clients that have left them to learn more about how much it will cost as well as the level of quality they can expect when using this company’s services. You should also check out Anthony Ward Thomas’s five-star rating to judge yourself.

You can rely on Anthony Ward Thomas for a stress-free move to protect your belongings. We plan, assess, and confirm all of our moves in detail, so we know what’s best suited to meet your needs – from abroad or domestically. There is no room for error when it comes time to make sure nothing gets damaged during transport, which means you’ll have peace knowing everything has been taken care of before even leaving home (or destination).

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Number One for European Relocations –

It’s important to know that when you work with Anthony Ward Thomas, we won’t cut corners or try and save time by skipping any details. For us, it’s all about providing a high standard of service, which is what our customers should receive from themselves and their removals company. We take care in planning every aspect before taking off on your relocation because there are some serious tasks ahead – like packing up everything into boxes just right, for instance.

We know that your most valuable items are safe when in transit, so we work with experts to ensure all goods’ proper packaging and placement during removal. Furthermore, our clients can rest assured knowing we will protect their fragile belongings.

Our company is fully accredited, which means that we will provide excellent customer service and protect your interests during the move. Anthony Ward Thomas can collect you from anywhere in Great Britain or Europe through our branch Master Removers Group, delivering the same level of services for national moves and international ones if required!

To get started, click here, and we’ll begin assessing your requirements. There are no obligations to book after receiving a free quotation from us.