Our Customers Tell Google Reviews What They Like Most About Our Removals Service 

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When you’re readying yourself for a move – whether it’s the once-in-a-generation, multi-storey, family-home, or a less labour-intense flit from a studio flat to a one-bedroom apartment, one of the pivotal stages is the choosing of a removals company. And in a city like London, it can be even more daunting because there’s no shortage of companies looking to take on the job.

How do you even begin to decide on the right removal company?

Of course, the recommendations of friends and family are a good start. But sometimes they’re not at hand – or it’s been years since they’ve needed to relocate and their advice is hopelessly out of date. That’s where Google Reviews comes in. Thanks to its automated spam detection, Google Reviews is a trustworthy source, though of course some companies still succeed in planting bogus reviews. But provided you’re adept at spotting plants, which often give themselves away with stilted, artificial-sounding language, you can use Google Reviews in confidence. Another way to weed out the pretenders is to keep an eye out for companies with very small amounts of reviews. When you do that, what’s left are usually the genuine contenders. 

And of course, the benefits work both ways because thanks to Google Reviews, we’re able to stay abreast of what our clients think, what they like and what they dislike. Excellence is never static – at Anthony Ward Thomas, we know we can only achieve it by staying in motion, adapting to change, and accommodating the preferences and ideas of our customers.

Friendly, Professional Staff

Our professionalism, efficiency, readiness and quick-thinking are all attributes we consider vital to a good move. And we’re delighted to see that our clients appreciate them. In October 2022, Michael Smith wrote, “They [AWT] were excellent. Friendly and cheerful. Nothing was too much trouble. They put protective material on floors and stairs and didn’t leave a mark. Packing was careful and thoughtful. Delivery was flawless. Everything reassembled and helpfully located. Great expertise with grandfather clock. I used Ward Thomas years ago when they were just starting out. Now a major company, they retain all the care, attention to detail and enthusiasm they started out with.” The review is headed: “Professionalism, Quality, Value”. To see every one of our core values captured so succinctly by a happy client is the best reward we could hope for. The very same month, Nigel C also praised our “professionalism”, stating, “We were so impressed by AWT. Their guys were very helpful and willing to go the extra mile. We had a large bed frame which wouldn’t fit up the staircase of our new house. They partly disassembled the frame and then reassembled it again upstairs, a very tricky and awkward job. We were impressed they were willing to do that for us. They were very reliable, courteous and helpful… we highly recommend them.” We’re always pleased to see the word “reliable”, another AWT hallmark that we take pride in maintaining. Which brings us on to our next category of review…

Reliable Removers

You can do the best moving job in the world, but then tarnish it all by turning up late or postponing with little warning. Reliability – being as good as your word – is everything to us. Being a minute late is still lateness. We believe you’re either on time or you’re not. It’s a principle our clients appreciate, especially since they’ve so often been burned at the hands of other companies and sometimes become quite fearful of the moving process. In 2021, Sue Silkstone commented in her Google review: “They [AWT] are extremely reliable, competitively priced, friendly, knowledgeable… and the chaps that come are polite, efficient and very obliging. This is a company I would never hesitate to recommend for any type of house/furniture removals.” If you’ve suffered from the bad end of the moving business – been let down, over-charged, and messed about ending up with damaged goods through careless handling – then AWT’s reliability will reassure you that moving house doesn’t have to be like that. One of our founding aims was to bring customer service values to the moving industry. In 2021, Emilie Haszlakiewicz wrote, “This is the second time I’ve used Anthony Ward Thomas for a move and for an end-of-tenancy clean and I couldn’t be happier with the service. They are absolutely brilliant, so efficient and trustworthy.  They’re also really friendly and great to deal with. Will definitely use them again!” The very same month, Francis Greibach commented, “Excellent service, completely reliable and totally efficient. Would use AWT again.” This – the desire to return to AWT for future moves – is a recurring motif of our Google reviews. Once you’ve tried AWT, there’s no going back to how it used to be. 


‘Efficient’ is the word that recurs most throughout Google Reviews for AWT. Not a week goes by without someone commenting on the accomplished, businesslike manner with which we undertake removals work, whether that’s Victoria Imerelli in September 2022, who added, “Super speedy, efficient and considerate with my things, everything is in perfect condition” or Zahir Zafar Khan in October, who writes, “Quick, efficient, thoughtful and very easy going. Highly recommend the service – came away very impressed by the speed and quality”

Excellent Office Moves

Our office moves elicit similar praise on Google. We do our utmost to plan these around the way your business works, so that you don’t lose money through protracted down-time or IT migration problems. Writing in 2018, Alex commented on the “incredibly hard tasks” he asked AWT to complete as part of an office move, adding, “everything went according to plan. I’d called them on very last-minute notice – and they were able to accommodate our office move. Thank you so much.” These sentiments are echoed throughout numerous additional reviews. Denise Farnham used AWT for the transferral of a business archive in 2019 and writes, “…highly efficient and very professional service. The communication with the office was excellent. The work was carried out as planned. I would definitely recommend this company.”

Quality Storage in London

Anthony Ward Thomas storage is renowned for safety and security, and the reviews attest to this, with many happy clients commenting on the unchanged condition they find their belongings in when they take them out of storage, often several years after putting them into it. In late 2021, Will W remarked, “I used them not only to move, but also to store most of my furnishings for about two years. I recently had my furniture taken out of storage and moved to my permanent address. All items in good shape. Everything was well and securely packed up. I would definitely use this firm again. It is worth that peace of mind”.