From the Gallery to Home – Let Ward-Thomas Transport Your Fine Art

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London life is dominated by culture, and its dedication to fine art, both classic and contemporary, makes it the envy of many major cities in the world. With heavyweight galleries like the Barbican, Tate Britain and Tate Modern, Royal Academy and the National Gallery, to the smaller but equally important places like Guildhall, Lisson and Newport Galleries, to name but a few – London is bursting at the seams with places to visit and become absorbed in artistic wonder.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have visited these and other galleries, we may not understand the difficult job it is to curate some of the exhibitions we’ve attended – we may be able to comprehend that the job of the curator and staff at the gallery isn’t easy and that the art being exhibited is often worth a lot of money, but past that, we’re too dazzled by the art on show to consider the tireless work, the long hours, and the grit, determination, and above all else – the passion that’s needed to pull off some of the leading exhibitions in London, which will also be renowned in the global art community.

The one thing that anyone who actually works behind the scenes at one of London’s art galleries will face is the transportation of art. London has many fantastic features, like its renowned Underground transport system, but when it comes to working your way around London by vehicle, it’s a different story all together. An exhibition takes a lot of planning, and it’s essential that the people in charge of transportation understand the need to hire professional movers that can handle expensive and fragile items. And the curator will often set aside a lot of funding to ensure the safe transport of the items that will be exhibited. They have to – some of the art might be irreplaceable.

However, transporting art for people who are on the consumer side of the fine art world may not apply this level of planning when they purchase their art, and they may fall into the mind-set of transporting their purchased art in their own vehicle. If there’s a suitable vehicle on hand, and the staff of the gallery are obliging and assist with loading, then it might be feasible. However, the possibility of damage while loading and offloading is a risk, and although we may think we’re more than capable of undertaking the job, it’s worth noting that if you’ve purchased a piece of fine art, you’ve spent a lot of money – why risk the potential damage to the piece to save money after the purchase?

The best solution for the transportation of fine art, whether it’s from gallery to your home or the other way around, is to use a reputable removals company that has years of experience, and Ward-Thomas is that best option to transporting fine art in London.

Every piece of art comes with its own needs and requirements, and at Ward-Thomas, we plan every detail to its minute points to ensure that every item we transport reaches its destination in the exact same condition it left the collection point in. We use specialists at every point of each removals and transportation of fine art we undertake, and our team are time-served, and have intimate knowledge of what each type of art needs.

We have a range of packing supplies, and we understand that some art needs to be wrapped in certain materials to ensure that the packing itself doesn’t affect the piece. We also offer comprehensive storage if you need to store your art, and we can also assist with the necessary level of additional insurance as required.

At Ward-Thomas, we are known as the prestige removals company of London due to our dedication, our premium level of customer service, our planning and meticulous attention to detail for every job we undertake, and our team of specialists, who take great pride in every job they do and the company they work for.

Every job we undertake we guarantee it will have the Anthony Ward-Thomas seal of approval when we’re finished.

Choose London’s finest removals company – contact us today and we’ll discuss your requirements.