Furniture Hoist Rental For London

Our furniture hoist london hire is ideal if you need removal or delivery of large, awkward items of furniture which can’t be carried upstairs and don’t fit through doorways, then these furniture lifts can be used to install or remove it through having the hoist furniture through the window.

We know just how to remove furniture items from households using our hoist machinery, prioritising its safety throughout the removal process.

Why Hire A Furniture Hoist?

Whether it’s moving a piano or a sofa, hoist removal can help. Our furniture hoist equipment reach a height of 30 metres and is a safe, secure way of moving items with a high monetary value – far safer than trying to force them down hallways where they can be bumped and irreparably tarnished.

The furniture lift can also dramatically reduce the overall duration of your move, and therefore the cost. Instead of movers spending hours dashing up and down flights of stairs over and over again, your large items soar through the window, and safe in the arms of our removal hoist. For furniture hoist hire in London, we’re the answer.

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