From Hong Kong to the UK

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Britain and London have never been more popular with Hongkongers. Since the British National Overseas scheme was launched in 2021, enabling HK-ers and their families to apply for BNO visas, more and more people (currently the figure is over 80,000 and is expected to reach 300,000) have availed themselves of it. This means they can live, work and/or study in the UK. Applications can be for two-and-a-half year or five-year stays, with the option of extending/renewing indefinitely once you’ve arrived. And after five years have passed, there’s the option of applying for permanent residency and citizenship. Successful applicants have almost all the same freedoms as nationals but are restricted when it comes to access to benefits (though it’s possible for them to apply for access later on). And as visa schemes go, it comes in at the very affordable end, ranging from £180 to £250. More costly, however, is the medical surcharge (ranging from £1560 to £3120) which enables applicants to be eligible for NHS care and treatment. 

Once you’re here, there are additional forms of support, including the Welcoming Hongkongers Fund, established to help Hongkongers feel settled and established in their new homes. The Mayor of London’s social integration endeavour, All Of Us, is also at hand to help BNO-status holders to feel integrated into life in the capital. There are all kinds of reasons behind a personal decision to relocate. For many Hongkongers, it’s the eagerness to free themselves from the authoritarian style of government imposed by China. So far, it’s been young professionals and middle-class families who make up the bulk of those relocating to the UK. And most of them are keen to make their moves permanent, with little to no inclination ever to return to live in Hong Kong. 

Moving to and from London with Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

Understandably, many Hongkongers begin their British sojourn by arranging a temporary home, whether that’s a rental or something arranged through friends and family. But before too long, they will undoubtedly be looking for something either permanent or semi-permanent, especially if, like most arrivals from Hong Kong, they’re looking to put down roots rather than just stay for a few years. Anthony Ward Thomas is the perfect premium brand for newcomers from Hong Kong. We cater for all sizes of moves in central London and all across Greater London. Not only that, we have an extremely good, stable reputation which has been built up the only way that counts – through years and years of reliable service. We deliver the exact move that has been agreed with the client, we’re punctual and we strive to exceed client expectations. That’s why our TrustPilot ratings are so steadily high and our What Removals reviews so glowing. 

Ward Thomas uses fully-trained, immaculately uniformed staff and our sleek, polished, branded vehicles are as familiar and iconic a sight to Londoners as once were old-fashioned red telephone boxes and letter-boxes. Our moves are fully insured so that all parties are protected in the event of unforeseeable obstacles or disruptions and we also offer an array of additional services that dovetail perfectly with our removals work. We can help you with removals and storage whether you’ve moved to the UK and are now looking to move again or you have a second home in London and need to have items taken to or from it.

Ward Thomas from Small Moves to Large Removals

You may have arrived from Hong Kong as a young professional or be in your thirties/forties and accompanied by a family. But no matter the size of your move, Ward Thomas can execute it flawlessly. At the small end of the scale, we offer a premium man-and-van service. Unlike a standard man-and-van, this comes with the same degrees of quality and professionalism you’d get with a full-scale Ward Thomas removal. Our small vans are staffed by a reliable, fully-trained driver and mover and come with an hourly rate for extra flexibility. It’s a great way to get high-end service at a manageable cost and is also a useful service when you’re not moving house but simply need to relay goods (e.g. furniture, paintings) from one location in the country to another. 

Ward Thomas large removals are suitable for any moves above one-bedroom-flat size. These are more strategised and tailored; when you make contact looking for a large removal service, we will spend some time talking to you to understand the precise requirements of the job and work out a schedule that’s convenient for you. We’ll also look at the way your life works so that we can plan a move that minimises disruption and stress at every single juncture. And we’ll then draw up an inventory so that we can have experts in place for any objects and belongings that require special handling and transportation. Nothing will be left to chance and you’ll have a move designed to have no negative impact on your life.

Anthony Ward Thomas Storage

It’s extremely hard to judge how much to bring with you when you’ve relocated from Hong Kong or indeed any other country outside the UK. But in the event that you’ve ended up with excess belongings and nowhere to put them, a situation which can be exacerbated if you then move within London to a smaller property, Ward Thomas secure storage services can save the day. And as your new life in London progresses, you may end up accumulating more and more possessions and eventually need to make an unequivocal, unsentimental judgment as to what to sell, what to give away, what to keep at home and what to put in storage. Not only is our central London storage facility safe and fully alarmed and patrolled, we can help you with items that require specialist packaging before they go into storage and items that require a steady, controlled, un-fluctuating climate in order to stay in peak condition. That could include valuable artworks, musical instruments and vintage clothing.