Five Steps to Avoid Breakages When Relocating in London

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If you’ve had a relocation which you remember for all the wrong reasons it might tend to lower your expectations for future moves. It might then be natural to expect a breakage. A big cause of this is when a  removal’s team has no discernible leader, poor organisation and a ‘hope for the best’ attitude.

This is undoubtedly where mistakes happen because planning is the foundation of any successful relocation. Without it, breakages or damage have a much higher likelihood of occurring. It doesn’t need to be this way, and it’s possible to enjoy a relocation without any issues. This is Anthony Ward Thomas’s step-by-step process on avoiding breakages when moving to a new house.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Avoiding Breakages When Moving Home –

In this article, we’re going to focus on five steps which will help you avoid any issues regarding breakages or damage to your possessions. These steps are:

  • Book a Premium Removals Service
  • Use High-Quality Packaging
  • Separate Fragile and Valuable Items
  • Organise the Removal Vehicle Correctly
  • Consider a Packing and Crate Hire Service

Anthony Ward Thomas offers a range of primary and specialist removals and related packages. This includes provisions to move grand pianos, antique furniture, fine art, fragile and irreplaceable items. Even our core removals services are done at a premium standard of service delivery. That means you get much more than a typical man with a van service when you book with us.

There are lots of removals and storage companies in London which makes it difficult to find the right one. Very few can offer specific services to protect valuables at every stage of the move. It’s crucial you choose a provider that matches the value and importance of your belongings. That means taking your time before trusting your prized art collection with a team that has the correct handling skills.

We have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal which makes it possible to take on any size relocation. We work with hundreds of households and businesses every month, making us the right choice for anyone who needs a comprehensive, high-quality removals service.

Step One – Book a Premium Removals Service –

Providing a higher standard of removals service is often cited by our customers when we ask them why they choose us. It’s our ability to make correct assessments and ensure their possessions reach the next location in perfect condition. This is something we do across the board for every removal and related package we offer. And we do everything to meet our customers’ demands.

Let’s start with our version of a man & van service. Small Moves caters for people who have a small-scale total volume of possessions which is known as the load. The compact vehicles make it easier to load in densely populated areas, such as city centre luxury apartments. We tend to have fewer issues with parking and packing, so no angry neighbour problems to worry about.

We try to avoid making arbitrary statements, but it’s usually better for anyone moving from a three-bedroom house and up to use our Home Removals service. Due to the increase in the load, larger removal’s vans will likely provide a more efficient service. We can do your whole relocation in one journey, which tends to be the best plan of action.

In addition to local moves, we have Anthony Ward Thomas vehicles on the road, heading to destinations all over the UK. Furthermore, we relocate people throughout Europe every week, as well as assistance with organising international jobs. We’re part of a network of removals and storage experts called the Master Removers Group, which makes it possible to replicate our high standards of service delivery over long distances.

Step Two – Use High-Quality Packaging –

Whenever we listen to customers relay previous moving day disaster stories, we often take note of recurring themes. If people are honest, many leave things like finding cardboard boxes until the last moment. Then it’s a scramble to try and find old boxes and containers from the local shop or supermarket. The problem is the cardboard is often damp and the sides or bottom split during the move.

If you want to have a positive removals experience, you should do your part by investing in some decent boxes or containers. Luckily, Anthony Ward Thomas uses the very best packaging, packing materials and supplies for every move. Moreover, you can purchase these exact same products at our branch or online store.

The reason we use top-drawer boxes and supplies is to protect your belongings. Obviously, this is only one aspect of the process, but it’s a great way to start things off. Every Anthony Ward Thomas van is kitted out with the very best cardboard box packs and packing materials. Then we apply our extensive knowledge to pack every box correctly.

Additional padding inside and outside of each box and container is essential for specific items. The general rule is that no objects should contact, especially during transit. However, it’s just as important to have this mindset at every stage, including when packing and unloading.

Step Three – Separate Fragile and Valuable Items –

The next suggestion in our step-by-step guide is to put all your fragile and valuable items to one side. This means completely separating them from the rest of your packing, so it might be a good idea to store in a room or cupboard. It works like this – these items need extra padding and packaging, in addition to their order in the removal’s vehicle. We work with a system where the fragile objects are the last box in, the first box out.

If you fail to separate delicate pieces from your furniture and appliance, the consequences could be tragic. Any contact during the relocation journey will increase the chances of breakages happening. Even the best packaging can only go so far, and a significant impact from something like a wardrobe will result in damage.

For things like glass, you’ll need extra padding for each item. This is a three-way procedure for packaging. First, line the inside of the glassware with non-scratch packing foam. Second, individually wrap everything with bubble wrap. Finally, fill the inside of the moving box with more bubble wrap, newspaper or packing foam.

This won’t apply to all your valuables, with an example like fine art. The paint of artwork requires specialist wrapping to ensure it doesn’t smudge the surface. Certain types of wood for antique furniture might benefit from specific packaging materials to protect varnish for older pieces. Fortunately, you don’t need to know any of this when you book with us. Our removal’s experts know precisely how to pack any fragile or valuable object.

Step Four – Organise the Removal Vehicle Correctly –

As you’ll gather from our previous sections, Anthony Ward Thomas’s team are dab-hands at packing and organising a removal. While it’s our job to set-out the boxes in the removal’s van, it’s worth acquainting yourself with how this process works. You never know when this information will become useful for other purposes.

The heavier, bulky furniture and appliances should have any moving parts secured. We’ll usually place them at the front-end of the van, with straps to hold them firmly in place. Nothing should move during the transport stage. Even the slightest bump could detach something unless it’s secure. Then we’ll position each container and box to restrict movement. We have various other removal’s tools at our disposal which perform specific functions.

We always double-check everything before setting off, and this includes any exposed surfaces. Our motto – don’t leave anything to chance. A small area where the packaging doesn’t cover might seem like a little detail. But if you open the removal’s van and find a scratch, you’ll soon understand the importance of additional padding and final checks.

We’ll restate our golden rule – glassware and fragile items are last on, first off. Another thing that sometimes trips people up is whether to leave some furniture assembled or not. Unfortunately, there’s no right or wrong answer. It often depends on the quality of the furniture or its age. Hopefully, you booked with Anthony Ward Thomas, and you don’t have to worry about this. It’s something our team will determine on assessment.

Step Five – Consider a Packing and Crate Hire Service –

We’re now at the final step in our guide, but it won’t come as much of a surprise what this suggestion is. Get the professionals to do the packing for you. Anthony Ward Thomas’s Packing service is a favourite choice for people who need to know their belongings are taken care of. Most of our clients have a lot on their plate and need someone to take the lead on their move.

There’s a misconception where people think preparation and customer service depends on the size of a relocation. However, from our point of view, everyone deserves complete satisfaction when the move is over. For us, skipping a detail is not an option because it can have serious consequences. That’s why we do a thorough assessment, provide a quote, and if everyone’s happy, we’ll put together a strategy and go from there.

A lot of people who have valuables may want something sturdier than a moving box which is why we have a dedicated Crate Hire service. This offers the ultimate level of protection for domestic and business customers. We have a variety of containers to choose from in all shapes and sizes. You can combine these packages for the best outcome; there’s no safer or more secure way to relocate.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Expert Packers and Movers –

Moving to a new house or apartment is seldom straightforward, so it helps to have a reliable removals company in your corner. At Anthony Ward Thomas, we set high standards for every booking we sign up for. We have a Quality Policy in place which provides a framework for accountability, in addition to our BAR affiliation.

Customer service is our number one goal, and we base every removals package on attaining the highest standards. That’s why we’re a five-star rated company on Google Live and Trustpilot. None of this is possible without a thorough assessment process, as well as superior handling and packing skills.

If you want to receive a high-quality removals service in London, please contact us today. Our removal’s team will provide you with an unbeatable relocation.