Five of the Best Golf Courses Near London

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If you’re a keen golfer or you’ve just taken up it up, you’ll need to know where the best courses are in London. You might be planning a move to London, and you’re golf mad, then you’ll need to have a few options for your new ‘second home.’ It’s important to do your research well in advance of your move, and you should choose somewhere that suits your tastes. Golf is an excellent way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends or work colleagues.

London has some great places to tee off nearby. Although there aren’t many courses situated in the city, you’ll find world-class ones within a short car or train ride away. Here are Ward Thomas’s tips for the best golf courses near London.

Five of the Best Golf Courses Near London – 

The Addington Golf Club – you can reach the Addington Gold Club in Croydon within thirty-minutes. This golf course is open for golfers of any experience, with particular attention paid to making every hole unique. With the backdrop of Crystal Palace mast and other landmarks like the Shard, you’ll want to visit the Addington to see if it’s the course for you.

St. George’s Hill Golf Club (show in the above photo) – designed and constructed by Harry Colt, St. George’s Hill is considered to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in the UK. Some people in the know about the architecture that goes into golf courses have even stated that this is Colt’s masterpiece. That alone warrants a visit to Weybridge for any avid golfer, and you’ll get there in just under one hour by train or car.

Worplesdon Golf Club – this is a course that will test your handicap. Worplesdon Golf Club hosts national and international events and competitions, and its course is known for being challenging. This will test your metal or seven Iron, but the course itself is a joy to play on. It’s slightly further away; it will take around one hour and fifteen to twenty minutes to get to Guildford.

Swinley Forest Golf Club – the golf course for the royals and upper class of yesteryear, Swinley Forest Gold Club has relaxed its clientele policy over the last decade or so. Even now it’s considered to be a prize golf course that has some of the most challenging holes around. It’s also still known for its exclusivity, so if you manage to get a round here, you’re a true golf connoisseur.

New Zealand Golf Club – just under one hour’s drive and you’ll reach the New Zealand Golf Club in Woking. It’s another top-end course, with an exclusive membership list and some of the best greens in the UK. Above all, history plays an important role at the New Zealand Golf Club. The members’ locker room has all its original member’s names detailed. They’re always there to preserve forever the people who have been members of this famous course.


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