Anthony Ward Thomas Fine Art Logistics

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The arranging, packing and transporting of fine art collections, antiques and bespoke furniture, whether for private collectors, galleries or corporates, requires a certain expertise and care beyond that needed to move normal goods. At Anthony Ward Thomas, the Fine Art Logistics department is staffed by people with the appropriate training and experience so that artworks and items of furniture/furnishings, from painting to sculptures to installations, are handled safely and stored at the right temperatures and conditions. We use installation and handling experts who adhere to stringent standards when moving masterpieces. That’s why we have years on years of happy clients who come back to us time and again, including but not limited to artists, auctioneers, museums, galleries, interior designers and private collectors. They know that AWT can be trusted with a job that could well be outside the scope of other removers. 

Thanks to our long-established networks, stretching across the country, onto the Continent and around the world, we’re used to taking on the kind of complex, delicate manoeuvres necessary for the transporting and installation of fine art and furniture. And we always go that bit further for our clients, making sure that from the planning stage onwards, we’re thorough and exacting. Every stage, including packing and transportation, is taken care of, including the complexities of international customs and, as is sometimes necessary, governments. 

Among our clients is Minotti in Italy, manufacturers and suppliers of high-end, elegant, handmade, bespoke furniture. The company was founded in 1948 by Alberto Minotti, who grew it from a small artisan workshop to the international concern it is today. Alberto Minotti’s sons, Renato and Roberto, inherited the reins of the company on their father’s death in 1991, leading to a period of considerable growth and development, including moving into international markets, all the while preserving the original creative vision of the founder. At the heart of the company is the Minotti Studio, where all the creative skills of its workforce – architecture, interior design, graphics, engineering, prototyping, marketing, communications – work in concert to create magic. They operate by what is known as the “Minotti code” – which can be summed up as always following the key principle of “innovation in the spirit of continuity”.  Minotti opened their London showroom in 2009 in the West End of the capital. What began as quite a small project has expanded over recent years thanks to the excellent relationship that the Ward Thomas fine arts team have struck up with the company and the quality of the work we’ve provided for them. We help Minotti with scheduled deliveries, unloading of vehicles into warehouses, inspections, cataloguing, storage, distribution, installation (both domestic and international), shipping, bespoke boxing, crating and more. Thanks to their expertise with fine art, our highly-trained team are experts at the handling and installation of Minotti’s furniture. We are delighted to work with such an exceptional company, whose stunning collection of furnishings can be viewed here.

We’re also working with a series of noted interior designers, providing goods storage, which is inspected on arrival, photographed and then catalogued using our online system, which provides the client with 24/7 access to storage and movement of goods. Among the many of our fine art logistics services they value is our collections, delivery and installation (provided both domestically and abroad) and our bespoke boxes and crating – ideal when items need extra-secure packaging while in transit, so that they’re absolutely safe from start to finish. Interior designer, Nicky Dobree, is among the many who use AWT Fine Art Logistics for these services. Nicky is a garlanded interior designer working at an international level. She creates beautiful interiors and is noted for her ability to reflect her client’s personal style in her design work. She’s also well-known for her deluxe ski chalets, villas, hotel and home interiors. You can find out more about her work here. 

Another Fine Art Logistics client is Louise Holt Interior Design, founded by KLC School of Interior Design-graduate, Louise Holt, in 2016. This creative design studio is celebrated for its many successful projects, which include the complete renovation of country houses to the interiors of properties in France and Mallorca and London. 

These high-profile clients have found that using Anthony Ward Thomas Fine Art Logistics helps streamline and catalyse their businesses, almost as if it were an extension of them. It’s because we know how to take care of the world’s finest and most valuable artworks that we’re so well-suited to looking after priceless furniture, fittings and fixtures. From storage to transportation to installation, your company’s irreplaceable items are safe with us at every juncture. It all starts with meticulous planning that leaves nothing to chance. At the outset, we look at how your business works so that we devise the project in a way that fits well around it. No stage – transportation, packing, local carriers, customs requirements – is given short shrift as we work out how to move designer furniture without in any way compromising its security and safety. 

Fine Art Logistics also has a picture-hanging service, using fully-trained handlers who have years of experience and know how to work with extremely expensive artworks. For the packing and protection of fine art/furniture, we custom-wrap every item and deploy specialists to go over every detail of the job to make sure goods are fully protected for any journey they’re about to make. We deal with international customs – a minefield of ever-changing regulations that can be too difficult without the appropriate expertise – so that nothing can hinder the passage of your items. We make sure every compliance is in place so that your job can be fulfilled to the very highest standard.