Elderly Moving Service In London

Moving house for anyone can be a difficult experience, but for an elderly person, there are a whole host of extra issues to consider. More often than not there will be an emotional tear when leaving a long term home. If you’re moving with parents or if you’re planning a removal for elderly relatives, whether that’s to downsize to somewhere on the same street, or whether they’re relocating to the London or Dorset area to be closer to family,there are lots of things to take into consideration.

Three top tips for elderly moving :- 

1. Planning removal for elders.
Planning is possibly the most important thing and more often than not there will be rather a lot of ‘stuff’ to contend with, some of which will carry strong emotional value. So sorting out what is going where is vital. It is also important when moving elders that they stay in control, and that they’re kept busy throughout the move. And of course, there will be sadness and it is important to allow that, rather than rush through.

2. Sorting tips for elderly moving.
If it’s a downsize then there might not be room for everything. However what you see as clutter may carry a lot of emotional weight and just because there might not be room, it doesn’t mean things need to be thrown away. Certain items can go into storage.

3. Making removals for elders safer
There are lots of things that can be done to ensure a safe removal with elders. After the removal men have left and the unpacking begins, make sure the shifting of boxes is done by the younger helpers. Don’t overfill boxes so they are too heavy. At Anthony Ward Thomas Removals we offer an unpack service which would mean there are no boxes left after the move.

Generally when choosing a removal company, ensure that they are accustomed to elderly moving needs and that they will have the patience and sympathy to be as helpful as possible on the big day.