Chelsea’s Favourite Removals Company

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Trying to find the right removals and storage company in London is not easy. Like most industries, there is lots of competition for every customer, and it’s not always easy to know who to trust with your possessions. Fortunately, people and businesses in Chelsea already know that Ward Thomas is the go to company for a  high-end level of customer service in RBKC.

Chelsea is one of the most sought-after postcodes in London, and its residents expect more for their money. A high-quality service will always be more important than bargain prices if the company is reputable. That’s why Ward Thomas has so many loyal customers in Chelsea. We move hundreds of people in the royal borough every month because of our attention to detail.

Premium Man & Van Moves in Chelsea with Ward Thomas –

Ward Thomas is London’s number one choice when it comes to specialist removals and storage. The reason we stand out from the crowd is the range of services we offer, and the premium quality of those services. That’s why residents of Chelsea choose to book with us whenever they need a Man & van relocation. They know that they will receive Ward Thomas team members who are highly skilled and time-served. Their valuable possessions will be given specific attention to things like the packaging for fragile items, such as porcelain ornaments.

Ward Thomas works with hundreds of Chelsea residents every year, and we often ask our clients why they use our services. By creating a dialogue between our company and our clients, we can use that feedback to shape our removals and storage services. It also helps us ensure that we have the right equipment for every type of object. We are continually looking for ways to stay alert to any new types of removals.

The Ward Thomas team expect to deliver 100% satisfaction for on every job we confirm. We always assess each move or storage job in detail, well in advance of the actual day it will commence. That includes the equipment for the job, the right amount of team member, as well as a suitable day for the client.

The Best Self Storage in Chelsea –

Even if you live in one of the most exclusive properties in Chelsea, you may find you’re running out of space. This will be especially true if you live in a luxury apartment where the rent or mortgage is very high. The last thing you want to do is consider moving, but your apartment or house is becoming cramped.

One of the best ways to create more space without spending a lot of money by upsizing your home is to use self storage. Ward Thomas and Fort Box have been partners for several years now, and they’re facilities in Chelsea are the most popular in the capital. Londoners from all over London choose them for their superior level of customer service. And their location couldn’t be better for Chelsea’s residents. You have top-notch self storage facilities on your doorstep, meaning you can access your storage unit with ease.

A lot of our customers choose storage because of the additional security it offers them for their valuable or irreplaceable possessions. If you own a collection of artwork that you rotate in your home, the last thing you want to do is store any of the pieces in your loft or garage. By renting a self storage unit, you will have the peace of mind that each piece of artwork is safe from theft or damage.

Ward Thomas – Chelsea’s Number One Choice for Removals and Storage –

Ward Thomas’s customers choose us because they expect more from the services they use. They want a know that when they agree to a time and day for their move, it will happen. They pay more for a higher standard of customer service. If they need to move an entire orchestra’s worth of musical instruments, they expect us to be able to do it, without question. And if that’s what they need, we will deliver.

We work with people in some of the most exclusive areas of London, so we understand the different needs of our clients. Their items must be treated on an individual basis, and it must be packed accordingly. At Ward Thomas, we pride ourselves on our high level of customer service. Part of that means only working with experts in our industry. Our team is given the best equipment and tools to undertake any removals job. Not just that, but they are all trained for specialist types of packing for fragile and expensive items. We regularly move people who have precious artwork and antique furniture, and it’s our job to get it to your new home.

Ward Thomas is the right choice for anyone in Chelsea who needs removals and or storage service. We specialise in our ability to transport any item to ensure that it remains in perfect condition. If you want a premium level of customer service for your next relocation, contact us today.