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Tips on How to Unpack and Settle in after You Move Home

Posted on September 17, 2019 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

When it comes to finding advice on moving to a new home or how to pack, you’ll find hundreds of blog articles with useful information. Conversely, you won’t have a great deal about what you should do at the other end when you arrive at your new home. This is strange because the  unpacking or getting organised can be just as as time-consuming and stressful, especially if you can’t find the kettle for a cup of tea!

Fortunately, Anthony Ward Thomas’s customers and followers get the best advice going for every stage of moving home. When you book with us, you’ll have our team at your disposal throughout your move, which includes planning. That’s why it pays off to work with London’s prestige removals and storage company and you’ll receive the highest standard of customer service.

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Moving to a New House & Taking the Plants and Garden with You

Posted on September 13, 2019 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Moving to a New House & Taking the Plants and Garden with You

Most people tend to think about relocations in terms of moving and packing boxes, preparing appliances and getting the furniture to the new location. However, for the many people out there that have green fingers, plants and other garden features take years to cultivate and amass. That means it’s highly likely that you’re working out how you can transport your prized flowers and plants, which might include the indoor variety.

For Anthony Ward Thomas, we can handle any relocation that includes plants within our range of services. And to make things even more customer-friendly, our team can take care of everything for you to save you time and effort. Here is the Anthony Ward Thomas guide to relocating with your plants and garden features in London.

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Long-distance Moving Tips – Part 2

Posted on April 27, 2017 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

We’ve looked at some of the rudiments of long-distance moving in a previous entry, including among them the importance of pre-planning, and proper long-haul packing techniques, but that’s far from all the necessary guidance. Here are some additional tips to make sure you’re completely covered during the process from beginning to end. After all, the longer you are in transit and the more convoluted the route, the more opportunities there are for things to go awry when you want them to go all right.





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Moving Your Wine Collection

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Moving Your Wine Collection

Almost everyone has something that makes their move a little bit more complicated than average. For some, it’s a grand or upright piano, for others it’s irreplaceable works of art. And for you, it could be a treasured wine cellar, especially if it counts among its contents exclusive items that were bottled many decades in the past. The question is whether you attempt to move it on your own, a strategy which comes tethered to one or two risks, or choose another option which could well come with hazards of its own.

If you’re doing your own packing and your collection is limited to an amount you can box up and put in the back of a car, then you’re probably safe as houses. However, if you’ve got a more extensive cellar and have hired a removals company, then you’ll need to consider a few things. What is the combined value of your collection? Will the moving company accept responsibility for damage/mishap? Does the company have actual hands-on experience with wine collections. 

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Moving late in life – 9 essential things for pensioners to consider when moving house

Posted on March 29, 2017 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

Pensioners – especially those recently bereaved – face particular logistical and emotional challenges when moving house. But sensible planning – and the right removal company – can make the process painless. Here are nine essential tips for moving late in life…

Early planning

1) Start decluttering early

If you’re downsizing from a family home to a smaller property you’ll probably need to get rid of a significant number of household possessions, so start decluttering as soon as possible. Although storage is always an option, a move is a good opportunity to think about passing on items to your children and other relatives. You may want to use an auctioneer to sell items of furniture you can’t take to your new home.

2) Find a quality remover and discuss your particular needs

A good removal company will be fully equipped to cater for the needs of older people and will know how to make your experience as stress-free as possible – so make sure you seek out a quality firm and explain your situation to them. Get recommendations from friends who have recently moved, or read reviews on Google. And look out for the BAR (British Association of Removers) logo, which indicates that the company meets high professional standards.

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The Upfront costs of Renting in London

Posted on December 10, 2016 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Rental Contract

It’s something that more and more people – particularly the generations born from the 1970s onwards – are doing. Renting. And while, of course, it comes with its own set of advantages (less commitment, fewer up-front costs, no responsibility for upkeep and things like broken boilers), it also comes with its own problems. For some, the idea of effectively burning money every week with nothing to show for it at the end is incredibly off-putting. Then there are the rules, the contracts and the costs. You also need to make sure you’re at least a bit clued up about certain legalities – things like smoke-detectors and whose responsibility it is to install them (your landlord’s). If you’re not sure what to expect, then here is some key information to help you so that you can get packed and moved and then settle in with barely a modicum of unnecessary fuss or trouble.

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Places For Ice-Skating Over Winter In London

Posted on December 3, 2016 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Ice Skating In London

If you’ve recently moved house or are right now in the process of it, then it’s more important than ever to take the time to relax. And what could be more relaxing and Christmassy than gliding on skates over an ice rink? The feeling is one of jubilant freedom and relief from care and worry. Even novices can fall in love with the thrilling feeling of grace and lightness that comes over you when you’re losing yourself in this wonderful and wintry pastime. In London, there are several options for doing it outside, which is preferable to the comparative soullessness of an indoor venue. In the open air, the feeling of dancing on ice is pure magic. Here are some of our tips for places for great winter skating in London:

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What To Do After Your Move – Part 1

Posted on November 17, 2016 by wardthomas
What To Do After Your Move

You’ve arrived at your new home and it seems as if, finally, the hard part of moving is over. Gone is the uncertainty over which company you’ll choose to help you move, what date you’ll settle on for moving day, which items you’ll pack up and take with you and which you’ll leave behind via charity shops or auctioneers. Gone, too, is the sheer slog of getting it all ready, wading through mountains of tasks and liaising with different people to keep the show on the road. Now you’re in your new house and able come up for air and to take a deep breath. Then, quickly or slowly, an uneasy feeling descends. It may feel like a kind of disorientation. You’re in the post-relocation stage, and it’s a bit like the aftershocks that follow an earthquake. The best way to get through it is to make conscious efforts to acclimatise yourself, especially if you’ve changed not only homes but actual areas and therefore the streets or countryside around you are unfamiliar. Here are some suggestions to help you get beyond this somewhat unsettling phase of your move.

  1. Connect to your new neighbourhood by checking out local newspapers, community magazines, residents associations. Getting up to speed on what’s happening will help you feel less dislocated and focus your energies on the present.
  1. Join your local library and get library cards for everyone in your family. Not only are libraries good for books, they’re also community hubs where you can find out about events like writers’ groups, reading groups, authors’ promotional appearances and more.
  1. Set aside time for fully exploring your new home. After all, although you will have been on viewings before you moved, it’s still unknown territory. Snoop around, checking for signs of pre-existing damage. Get to know where things like the fuse boxes are located, along with the main water valve stop. Get a sense of whether or not your home needs a security upgrade and also if the front and back door locks comply with your contents insurance requirements.
  1. If you didn’t do it before your move, make sure you issue all the necessary change-of-address cards, as well as apprising all applicable companies of your new details. You may have set up mail-forwarding with the post office but it’s still better to get as much of your mail as possible sent directly to your new address rather than re-routed.
  1. Set up all the new professional services you’ll need – healthcare providers, dentists, vets and so on. Expand this list to include plumbers, handymen and electricians, so that you’re prepared if something goes wrong.

Moving Your Personal Documents

Posted on November 7, 2016 by wardthomas
Moving Your Documents

Part of the moving process it’s easy to postpone or even forget entirely is the gathering up and transporting of our documents. It’s a busy enough time as it is, with so much packing and planning to take care of. But it’s not all about clothes, furniture, books and gadgets. We also need to take a lifetime’s worth of document with us, some of them incredibly important. Not only do we need to bring them to our new home, we need to make sure that they’re protected during the moving process. No matter how wonderful our removals company might be, we should guard against things going wrong. The risk of our documents being either damaged or lost is something we should strive to diminish. Here are some thoughts and ideas for getting your documents ready for the move and safe both during and after it.
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How to Cope With Moving House At Christmas

Posted on October 14, 2016 by wardthomas
How to Cope With Moving House At Christmas

Perhaps it isn’t the time of year most people would willingly choose for moving house, but sometimes it’s just how the chips fall. As much as you might have preferred to move in a less chaotic part of the calendar, various circumstances can conspire to force you to do it in the midst of the annual festivities. With help and the right degree of foresight and planning, it needn’t be any more gruelling than a summer or spring move. In fact, with the right frame of mind, it could even be more fun and more cheerful than you’d dare anticipate. From our side of the experience, Christmas is a pretty busy time and there’s no shortage of clients who, for one reason or another, are relocating in the prime of December. Because we’ve seen it so many times, we’re aware of the heightened stress, impaired traffic and challenging weather that can beset a Christmas move and we know how to diminish the impact of all three. Here’s some guidance if you’re making a Christmas move.  Read more…