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Moving Back to London – Our Seamless National and International Packing and Removals Services

Posted on September 27, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
The Anthony Ward Thomas Guide to Buying a Property in London, 2021

London is a rapidly changing place, with tens of thousands of people moving in or out of the city every month. Over half a million people will have left the capital for new adventures in other parts of the UK and overseas within the last decade. Similarly, an influx of new London residents is making the city their new home. And with thousands of new homes in the pipeline, the number of new Londoners will increase.

If you’re currently living abroad and you’re looking to return to London, it’s essential you use a reliable company. Anthony Ward Thomas works with an elite network of removals companies called the Master Removers Group. And we can collect you from anywhere in the UK and Europe for your upcoming relocation. It makes sense to work with a professional London company to help bring you back to the capital.

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Anthony Ward Thomas – Our Guide to National and International Removals to and from London

Posted on April 29, 2020 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Anthony Ward Thomas International Removals 

If you’re planning a relocation into London from overseas or you’re heading out of the capital, it’s vital that you use a reliable removal’s company. All relocations come with a fair amount of ups and downs, especially when trying to balance our busy family and work schedules. However, national and international removals jobs are far more complicated than most normal moves.

That’s why booking with a reputable company like Anthony Ward Thomas is the best approach to a successful relocation. And we’ll go into the various aspects of national and international removals in more detail in this blog.

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International moves surge as Londoners escape Brexit – Antony Ward Thomas records significant jump in relocations business

Posted on January 14, 2019 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

Concerns over the on-going Brexit debacle have caused a surge in international moves for Anthony Ward Thomas, with a 40 per cent jump in Londoners moving overseas in 2018, compared with the previous year.

Anthony Ward Thomas, founder of Ward Thomas Removals, London’s prestige removals company, says: ‘Brexit uncertainty is persuading a growing number of people to leave London for overseas, with popular destinations including France and Switzerland. We are moving a range of people from young families to retirees – mainly high-net-worth individuals who have had enough and wish to relocate to friendlier climes.’

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International Removals Checklist

Posted on January 12, 2017 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Moving Abroad Checklist

While no one ever claimed it would be easy, there’s no doubt that moving overseas is one of the most exciting and rewarding decisions you can make. No matter how it’s come about – whether through a job offer or simply as a result of your own desire for a big change – it’s a wonderful challenge. New opportunities and experiences await you, as does the chance to immerse yourself in a different culture. But before you breeze off the airport and embrace your new life, there’s usually plenty to do and even more to remember. Since we’re an international relocation service, we’ve helped huge number of people taking the overseas plunge, so here are some of our pointers:

Moving Abroad Checklist

Accommodation: If you’re not being supplied accommodation as part of a moving package with a company, you’ll need to find your own and make sure that all the utilities are set up before you arrive. While looking, you would also benefit from taking into account the cost of living, crime levels and schooling in your chosen area.

Language/Culture: If your new home is not an anglophone country, it’s a good idea to start learning the language. This will help you adapt and be connected to your local community. You’ll also have better dealings with officialdom, doctors, solicitors and so on. Researching local customs and values is another good start.

Schools: If you’re migrating with family, then finding a school for your children is vital. The state education in different countries works in different ways (and some countries don’t have such a thing at all). And what about English-speaking schools which might be easier on your offspring? Get in touch with the education authority in your new country to find out how to get the ball rolling and ensure you have all the right documentation so your children can be enrolled.

Children: It is perhaps your kids who will be most affected by the change, particularly because it’s a change over which they have limited control. You can take steps to prevent your child becoming the stereotypical lonely expat kid. Creating routine, helping them stay in touch with their old friends while simultaneously forging new ones, will prevent seclusion and isolation.

Don’t forget to add the following to your research checklist: healthcare, tax requirements, converting cash, and choosing an international relocation specialist to conduct your international removals work, such as Anthony Ward Thomas.