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Moving Home with Art and Antiques in London

Posted on September 16, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

For some people moving home requires more planning. The central aspect that needs more attention is ensuring that any valuable and fragile items are safe when in transit. That means no breakages, and all the packing needs to be undertaken by professionals. And there is only one removals company in London that can do the job correctly.

Anthony Ward Thomas offers a range of specialist removals packages that guarantee to safeguard your possessions. This all requires the work of a team of experts with years of experience under their belts. It also takes meticulous planning and assessment to make sure everything goes to plan. That’s what makes us London’s best removals company.

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Moving with Fine Art & Other Valuables

Posted on September 22, 2020 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Tips for Finding the Perfect Home in London

Anyone who deals with fine art or other similarly valuable pieces will attest to how difficult it can be to transport things securely. Galleries either need to deal with direct deliveries as part of their service or it’s up to the buyer to collect and sorts things out themselves. The first option is often very expensive, especially for the smaller art dealers and artists. And it’s unlikely people shouldn’t collect their purchases without the right vehicle and tools.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for anyone in the art industry. Anthony Ward Thomas has a proven track record for fine art and antique removals. We can handle, pack and transport just about any item you can think of, with complete assurance everything will arrive in perfect condition.

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London’s Artwork and Antiques Moving Experts

Posted on January 13, 2020 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
London's Artwork and Antiques Moving Experts

When you need to pack and transport things like artwork and antiques, it takes expertise and excellent handling skills to do it properly. This is something most removal companies are unable to guarantee, and it’s wise to take your time before you book one.

To avoid any breakages or damage when moving art and antiques in London, it’s better to contact the Anthony Ward Thomas team.

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Additional Planning When Relocating with Arts & Antiques

Posted on February 27, 2019 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Fragile Items & Why You Need a Reliable Removals Company

When booking a service such as a relocation or organising storage, customers in London expect high standard for their money. This is especially true for Anthony Ward Thomas clients who require the very highest level of customer service. It’s all about requirements matching standards, and the typical Anthony Ward Thomas customer may well have high value items. And for homeowners with pieces of art or antiques, you need a removals company with a proven track record.

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Specialists in Moving Fine Art and Fragile Objects in London

Posted on September 19, 2017 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

Every move requires a different approach, and the aim is to get every from A to B in one safely and securely. At Ward Thomas, we specialise in the transit of every type of object. People hire us because we can safely move fragile and often expensive objects with zero damage. We have a proven track record for moving large items from awkward places, as well as priceless paintings and antiques. People return to use us for this reason, and we often work with art and antique dealers and collectors.

When you look for a removals and storage company, make sure you choose their experience and quality as your top priority. If you have something that’s very valuable, whether that’s in its value or if it means something to us, there is no point in cutting corners. A lot of companies will offer low rates and a fast service, but unless they have experience at moving things like Ming vases or high-end art, then you need to book with Ward Thomas.
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From the Gallery to Home – Let Ward-Thomas Transport Your Fine Art

Posted on March 4, 2017 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

London life is dominated by culture, and its dedication to fine art, both classic and contemporary, makes it the envy of many major cities in the world. With heavyweight galleries like the Barbican, Tate Britain and Tate Modern, Royal Academy and the National Gallery, to the smaller but equally important places like Guildhall, Lisson and Newport Galleries, to name but a few – London is bursting at the seams with places to visit and become absorbed in artistic wonder.

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