Can I Use the Same Company for Moving and Storage in London?

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Organising a relocation is not an easy task and is especially hard work if you’re undertaking the planning all by yourself. Using multiple companies for different for the various services can add to your workload. So is it possible to use the same company for removals and storage?

Can I Use the Same Company for Removals and Storage in London?

Here are a few things we can clear up for you:

  • Anthony Ward Thomas has removals and storage packages so that we can do them both
  • We also offer a professional cleaning service and specialist removals packages
  • And should you need services we don’t provide; we have lots of industry contacts to make referrals

Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of removals and storage packages available. We have a premium man and van package, in addition to jobs that require larger removal’s vehicles. Similarly, we have storage units and packages to suit everyone’s requirements. And this includes domestic and business clients.

We also have our own professional cleaning service called AWT Cleaning. This means we can help you receive your full rental deposit with our End of Tenancy service, which includes a Carpet Cleaning package. AWT Cleaning also works with various commercial and business clients in London, for things like clearing building sites, as well as contractual office cleaning.

Unfortunately, there are always services we don’t currently offer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t assist you. Anthony Ward Thomas has decades worth of removals and storage experience. And in that time, we’ve amassed a roster of professional contacts. So, should you need an architect or a home staging expert, no problem. We’ll arrange a referral for you.

Using Online Reviews to Find a Reliable Removals Company –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, one of the critical aspects of our ethos is to deliver the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to go above and beyond the expectations of each client we work with. And to reach that standard, we have a range of services and packages for our customers to choose from. By doing this, we can deliver the correct service to match your needs.

However, it’s not always obvious how you would know this without a word of mouth referral. That’s where online rating platforms are an essential tool in your search for excellent customer service. Sites like Google Live and Trustpilot are the go-to gatekeepers of company information. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to see what score the previous customer gave each company.

Furthermore, there are reviews from their previous customers that you can read. Sometimes, people wonder if this is an accurate way to judge a company. For us, it’s all about balancing the information. For example – if a company only has three reviews and they’re all glowing and positive, it’s likely the company did them. However, if a company has fifty reviews and the people posting the feedback seem more legitimate, you can probably trust the information.

Anthony Ward Thomas is fortunate to have a loyal group of customers who consider us the best in London. You can read our online reviews here to see for yourself.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Best Removals and Storage Provider –

Anthony Ward Thomas works with thousands of people in London every month, fulfilling all their removals and storage needs. From experience, we know that every item of furniture and appliance can make a significant difference to what your requirements are. That’s why we undertake a stringent assessment process to make sure we understand what we’re transporting.

And because we apply this careful eye for detail for every job we take on, it’s something we advise our customers to consider. A moving checklist is something that will keep you on track as you plan and organise your relocation. It might initially seem fiddly and time-consuming, but we promise you that your moving checklist will guide you through your big move smoothly.

If you want the very best removals service in London, contact us today. You’ll thank yourself when you realise how many services you can receive when working with us.