Tips on Buying a Second Home in Europe or further afield

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London is an excellent city to live and work in, its also a fantastic hub for travel with its plethora of transport systems and ways to reach national and international destinations.You can catch a plane from Heathrow or Gatwick to just about every airport in the world. There’s a direct train to France which then connects to all major stations in Europe. However, for some people, a quick trip overseas isn’t enough.

For people who want to have a more permanent place to stay when they travel, a second home is a natural choice. You might be a regular patron at a particular luxury resort in Portugal, so why not be a part-time resident? Ward Thomasrelocates hundreds of people to Europe and beyond every week. And many have second properties in some of the most desirable destinations.

Top Locations for Second Homes in Europe and Overseas –

Cape Town, South Africa– the Mother City is one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations. And it’s also becoming one of the in-places to buy second properties. There are lots of appealing destinations, like Camps Bay, Sea Point, Green Point and Constantia. Although Cape Town isn’t a quick hop on the plane type of destination, once you land there you won’t want to leave again. You won’t find better scenic views that Table Mountain and there is so much to do, you’ll need to move here to fit them all in.

Algarve, Portugal– Portugal has been growing in popularity for foreign property investment over the last five years. So much so that some areas of Lisbon are costly to purchase a property. That’s why many people are looking at the more scenic regions of Portugal, which describes the Algarve as a ‘T’. The Algarve manages to attract lots of visitors without being tacky or touristy. And just like France – foreign investors can get mortgages.

Paris, France– Paris needs little introduction, and it consistently attracts people who are looking to relocate or purchase a second home. It’s a city of style, decadence and character, which is probably why so many people fall in love with it. Unusually, it’s possible for foreign investors to receive financing in France with low-interest rates. And best of all – it’s right next door to London, sort of. A quick train journey, ferry trip or flight and you can arrive at your second home within a few hours.

Istanbul, Turkey– Turkey might not seem like a popular place for a second home, but it rivals Spain for affordable properties. Istanbul is a beautiful city full of culture, history and most importantly – a healthy housing market. The cost of living in Turkey is also a selling point that attracts people, in addition to having less red tape and restrictions than other countries.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Second Home Abroad –

The first thing you’ll need to do is visit your potential locations at least once. Typically, someone will look to purchase a second property somewhere they know. However, if you have a few places on your list, make sure you have time to visit each one for at least a week. This is a big decision, and you need to make sure you’re one-hundred percent sure this is the right place for your second home.

You also need to be very well-read on the rules and regulations of purchasing a property in your chosen country. Some will have restrictions on foreign property ownership, lots of red tape, and costly fees. And some countries are notorious for allowing long, drawn-out waiting periods to get approval. Make sure you don’t find yourself stuck in property ownership limbo.

It’s also essential that you check the visa requirements before you make any permanent decisions. While some countries are laxer with regards to visitation periods, others are stringent and difficult to extend. If you’re unsure about visa requirements, contact the UK embassy in the city you’re considering moving to for recent information.

If English isn’t the first language, you should start learning the local language now. There are lots of apps and traditional online learning platforms, in addition to checking if there are any night classes nearby. Being able to communicate is a crucial part of integrating into your new location. You feel more confident, able to ask people questions. Plus, you’ll be able to make new friends quicker.

Ward Thomas – London’s Number One for European and Overseas Removals –

Ward Thomas has a range of removalsand storageservices to suit everyone’s requirements. We have a dedicated Europeand OverseasRemovals service that’s perfect for anyone who’s relocating abroad. Many of our customers who have second homes use storagewhen they leave the UK for longer periods. This is the best way to safeguard possessions from theft of damage.

Ward Thomasis a member of an elite collective of removals and storage companies called the Master Removers Group. This makes it easier to relocate people anywhere in the UK and Europe with companies who share our dedication to excellence. Customer service is a crucial aspect of our company, and every job we undertake must attain one-hundred percentsatisfaction.

At Ward Thomas, our customers can trust us with valuable items and fine art. We specialise in safeguarding fragileand often irreplaceable furniture and pieces against any damage in transit. Every member of the Ward Thomas team is experts in their field with decades of experience. Our customers know that every item will be in mint condition when they unpack in their new second home.

Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage company. We provide the best level of service to anyone who is relocating or buying a second property overseas. Contact ustoday, and we’ll discuss our range of services.