How do I Become an Airbnb Host in London and How we can Help.

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London is a popular destination for people in the UK and from overseas to visit and staying in hotels or B&Bs can become expensive. This is why websites like Airbnb are so successful because they offer a range of different properties to choose from at lower rates. Tourists also prefer this range of options, and many like the home comforts feel of short-term rental properties.

It’s also an excellent way to earn money if you’d like to become a short-term rental landlord. How easy it to become an Airbnb host?

How do You Become an Airbnb Host?

Here are some positive aspects of why Airbnb hosting is worth considering for people who have their own property:

  • You can make money when your house or apartment is vacant
  • It’s possible to make a profit without much investment
  • There are Airbnb management freelancers to do the work for you

For people who have more than one property, you’ll no doubt have periods where your London house or apartment is vacant. What better way to put it to better use than renting it out for the time you’re not there? Websites like Airbnb offer a platform for people who want to earn some money by renting their property out to guests. What’s more – they’ll walk you through the process, so it’s easy to set up.

Once you get to know the process, you may even consider obtaining more properties to expand this into a nice earner. Like any business, you’ll need to do your homework, but the potential is there to do well without massive investment. Furthermore, you don’t have to do the host work yourself. There are professional Airbnb management services, and they’ll do that side of things for you.

Anthony Ward Thomas has several customers who are in this line of work, and one thing lots of them do is buy specific guest furniture. That way, they retain the exclusive use of their personal belongings for when they’re not renting the property out. All it takes is a quick removal job, and everything can be in and out within a couple of hours.

Using Man & Van and Storage when Airbnb Hosting –

The typical setup for any Airbnb or similar short-term rental host is to rent a self storage unit and then use a man with a van service for collections. At Anthony Ward Thomas, our Small Moves removals service is a premium man and van package that all our landlords’ clients prefer. Our man and van team are professional and efficient and can have your possessions out and the guest furniture in without delay.

There are lots of benefits to using storage for short-term rental purposes. Firstly, you don’t need to rent a workspace or cram things into a garage. Secondly, all your items have the highest standard of security from theft or damage. Thirdly, there’s no lease or minimum storage period applicable. And we have a variety of storage packages available to suit everyone’s requirements.

And should your circumstance change, we’ll switch you to a more appropriate unit. The Anthony Ward Thomas team will do everything possible to be flexible. We have a range of storage units available in various sizes. What’s more, self storage in much cheaper than renting a commercial workspace.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Helping Short-Term Landlords in London –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we work with hundreds of business owners every year to help them realise their potential. Our range of removals and storage packages are ideal to fit any business type. And for people who’re considering becoming Airbnb hosts, you don’t even need work premises or a vehicle. By using our Small Moves and Storage services, you’ll have everything you need.

The short-term rental industry has been a hit from the word go. It offers people a completely different option when they visit London. And it’s a win-win situation if you have a property that’s empty regularly. Unlike other sectors, you won’t need to invest much money to begin. You can outsource most of the maintenance and hosting, as well as using Anthony Ward Thomas’s removal’s services.

Anthony Ward Thomas has an excellent range of removal and storage services. If you’d like to know how we can benefit an Airbnb host, contact us today and we’ll discuss our packages in more detail.