Working With Interior Designers

Anthony Ward Thomas has an acclaimed, flexible, tailor-made service designed especially for interior design companies.

Whether you’re a small independent or a much larger company, you’ll discover that using Anthony Ward Thomas revolutionises the efficiency and efficacy of your business, providing a seamless end-to-end service that dovetails perfectly with the complexities of your schedule.

You’ll be provided with an account manager; a single point of contact who understands how interior design works and speaks the same language. Your inventory can be sent to and administered from our warehouse. We’ll liaise with all the necessary delivery companies and make sure everything is handled appropriately upon arrival.

When we take receipt of your deliveries, we’ll unwrap everything to check its condition, taking photographs and ensuring that all your goods are in mint condition before we wrap them back up again. You’ll be provided with a photographic, fully annotated inventory.

When all the items you’ve ordered have arrived and the property you’re working on is ready, we will deliver everything to the address. Our white-glove service (you can opt in or out of this) takes even more weight off yours shoulders – if you take advantage of it, we will not only deliver the items to the applicable property, we will also unwrap everything on site and then place each item in your desired, prearranged locations. We’ll handle left-over packaging and waste, ensuring it’s processed either for recycling or disposal.

The Ward Thomas service for interior designers lets you focus on the parts of your job that call on your exceptional vision and talent, while we handle the rest.