Working With Estate Agents

Expert Removals, Storage & Cleaning Services Tailored To The Needs Of Estate Agents In London

The Anthony Ward Thomas Estate Agent service gives you and your clients, including tenants, landlords, vendors and buyers, access to our world-class removals (and an array of additional services, including start-/end-of-tenancy cleaning) at discounted rates as well as additional benefits, including access to our state of the art storage facilities. We’ve been working closely with estate agents since the very beginning. Now, using the service that’s been designed specifically with you in mind, all you have to do is recommend us to your clients, each of whom will receive a unique voucher with a discount code and a free, no-obligation quotation.

Each time one of your clients uses AWT, you will receive a fee. We wouldn’t invite you to recommend something you didn’t have complete confidence in. Fortunately, you know us by our reputation as a seamlessly reliable, high-quality moving service that never cut corners or leaves things to chance. So not only will be uphold the values of our own brand, we won’t jeopardise yours. Let us extend a discount offer to your customers and you’ll be remunerated for each and every referral.