Art to look out for in London this Spring 2023

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At Anthony Ward Thomas, London’s specialist fine art removals firm, we are aware of forthcoming exhibitions and installations in the city.  We specialize in handling all kinds of works of art, from shipping to installation.  London is one of the greatest cities for viewing historical fine art.  With the National Gallery, Tate Britain and Tate Modern, and the Courtauld Institute, plus many more, there is a treasury of art to explore.  The National Gallery contains gems like The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck, Da Vinci’s The Virgin of the Rocks, and one of Vincent Van Goghs Sunflowers.  More unmissable classics are listed here.  The Guildhall has a residential collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, plus other works of the Brotherhood scattered throughout the city galleries.  Holman Hunt’s The Light of the World can be viewed at St Paul’s Cathedral, just over the bridge from the Tate Modern.  We are proud to work with the art sector in London and that international art is celebrated here in the city. 

Abakans at the Tate Modern 

Every Tangle and Thread of Rope is the exhibition of Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz of radical structures made from woven fibres.  Known as the godmother of installation art  Abakanowicz established new genres and ways in which art was viewed, encountered, and made.  Transforming the typical application of weaving, she created large hanging structures that depicted ambiguous themes central to human development. Hard to define, her work was named the Abakans, as her woven pieces sought their own singular yet collective identity.  This exhibition showcases the most significant Abakans in a forest like display in the 64-metre-long gallery of the Blavatnik Building at the Tate Modern.  Running until 21st May, this is a free exhibition for members. To book tickets, go here. 

The Rosetti’s at Tate Britain

For the first time in 30 years, this Pre-Raphaelite exhibition will focus on the skills and works of Elizabeth Siddal, the muse, and lover of Dante Gabriel Rosetti. Exploring the unconventional love relationships of the group through art, drawings, poetry and writings, this exhibition throws new light on the role of the muse in relationship to the acclaimed artist.  It will be the largest exhibition of Dante Gabriel Rosetti’s work in twenty years, and combined with Elizabeth Siddal’s rare watercolours, it is set to revisit some of the myths surrounding their lives and work. If you know nothing about their relationship, the tale of Dante burying his poetry book with Elizabeth after her death, only to have it exhumed 7 years later may pique your interest. You can read in more detail about the life of Elizabeth Siddal in Jan Marsh’s book The Legend of Elizabeth Siddal. The exhibition runs until 24th September 2023 and is free to members. For tickets, go here. 

Alice Neal – The Barbican

Hot of the Griddle is the largest body of Alice Neel’s work to be exhibited in the UK. Alice Neel, an American Artist worked in New York as a “collector of souls”, where she captured the images of the marginalized and underground folk of the 20th century.  Focused on labour leaders, civil rights activists, eccentrics, and the communist effort, her unconventional portraits have gained political acclaim over the years with subsequent generations.  Featuring Greenwich village cats, and even an Andy Warhol portrait, this selection curated by Eleanor Nairne and team, reveals the empathy and authenticity of her creative spirit. Her famous self-portrait opens the show in accord with her cult status in American art.  A testament to her life of devotion to the figurative while art trends favoured minimalism, pop art, and abstract expressionism. Hot of the Griddle gives insight into the fascinating life of this female artist, as well as into the unsung heroes of New York in this period. This unique Barbican show will run until the 21st of May 2023, so get your tickets if you want to catch this opportunity. 

Thin Air at the Beams Royal Docks

A departure from historical fine art and the figurative,  Thin Air is an installation where artists explore the boundaries between art and technology.  Light, sound, digital media, and atmospherics are the unconventional palette in this vast arena of 55,000 square feet.  International contemporary artists collaborate spatially in this experiential gallery that defies traditional conceptions of art. The vast space of the Beams allows for a truly post-industrial showcase of new innovative forms using light and space and sound. Participants are invited to explore the hidden complexities that shape the world we live in, through these mediums of space, light, and sound. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance, and the show is running until June 4th, 2023.  With dark rooms, strobes, and loud sounds the installations are not recommended for children aged 6 and under. 

Fine Art Logistics with Anthony Ward Thomas

Beyond being a leading London removals and storage company, we developed a wing of our enterprise that all have expert training in handling works of art and precious objects. By following strict professional standards and adhering to our thorough training codes, we can guarantee that we can deliver a specialized service for artists, professional collectors, galleries, and auction houses.  This service extends to our international clients, where we can oversee every stage of the process from transportation, and packing to delivery, and even installation.  We can take care of any government department that relates to transportation and ensure that all items remain intact. 

Picture hanging and packing services from a trusted fine art mover

When it comes to installation, whether it is a gallery, interior design project, or a domestic home move we can take care of picture hanging.  Our technicians can provide you with a comprehensive assessment and liaise with you, regarding your aesthetic intentions.  Custom packing and wrapping are part of our expertise, and we also have a range of packing materials to suit our range of customers.  Always aware of changes in International Customs regulations, we can anticipate the documents and regulations regarding each import and export of fine art.  It has become our niche specialty and we are inspired to provide excellent bespoke service to the fine art and interior design sector. In addition, our property services have a range of cleaners, handymen, painters and decorators that we can provide to complete any service package related to property or removals and storage.  

Removals and storage in London with an aesthetic edge

Our specialist services are not reserved for our art industry clients alone.  We bring this level of expertise to all sectors of our trade.  For a domestic home move in London, we pride ourselves in taking care of your possessions as if they were great works of art. Plus, our man and van service can handle small swift city deliveries or removals at the drop of a hat. If you have a studio flat or a small office to relocate, they will be on hand to assist.  For larger office moves or an international relocation, we have the vehicles and personnel to ensure you have a smooth, productive transition. Our customer reviews demonstrate we are really able to deliver throughout a moving process. We also have three different storage options to assist in the process, or for when you need a reliable storage solution.  Contact us to get a quote or call us directly to discuss the nature of your removal needs.