Paddington Removals Company

Anthony Ward Thomas Removals has become nearly as historic as Paddington itself, and in our 30 years of removals and relocation, we’ve moved people and businesses alike to every part of Paddington and the surrounding area of Central London.

We know how frustrating and tiring relocating can be, so our main goal is to ensure that the stress of moving is kept to a minimum. That’s why we offer to supervise the parking, pack and remove your items, relocate you, and if required, we can unpack them at your new location. Every job is completed to so that each item is removed and reaches your new home or office free from any damage. We treat every job on an individual basis and we are fully equipped to handle and relocate any item of furniture.

The Anthony Ward Thomas Removals team come with many years of experience in removals and relocation, and consider Paddington to be one of our most visited and loved areas. We understand that our job isn’t just to pick up your possessions and move them to a new location, it’s about how we treat our customers, and how we understand the area itself. Our knowledge of Paddington and the surrounding area helps us plan each specific move to ensure it’s done as efficiently as possible.

Smaller jobs can be quoted over the phone, but for larger or more complex jobs, we will send a surveyor out to you to assess the job and give you a full quotation. Ward-Thomas will be with you every step of the way throughout your move and relocation.

Anthony Ward Thomas Removals can guarantee the most efficient and professional removal service operating in Paddington and its surrounding areas.